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Dear Nana

Dear Nana, I just wanted you to know that today we had that party for you that you had been planning. Just like you wanted, no one wore black and instead we all wore the brightest colors we could find in our closets, just for you. We told stories, lots of stories about you! We… Continue reading Dear Nana

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“The Veggie Turkey Cleanse”

     I don’t know about your family, but our family seems to always be collecting funny stories about things that have happened to us.  Thanksgiving is no exception!  In fact, Thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter, seems to invite crazy stories and the laughter that goes along with the retelling of those tales.… Continue reading “The Veggie Turkey Cleanse”

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Liddy’s Bologna Sandwiches ~Megan

It was about noon as I sat there.  For a long while I just sat, as the morning sun shown down with it’s rays that held such promise and were less harsh than the rays that would follow as it rose in the sky and turned to day.  Out across the lake the water glistened… Continue reading Liddy’s Bologna Sandwiches ~Megan

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The Lifelong Resolution ~Megan

As the new year begins, we like to contemplate things we want to do better and remember the things we did “right.”  We think “maybe this next year can be made even better by a couple well thought out resolutions.” However, year after year, as you talk to people, you find last year’s resolutions are… Continue reading The Lifelong Resolution ~Megan

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Deep Breath….You Can Still Do Christmas Right! ~Kerry

      You CAN do Christmas right.  Because when it comes to our “babies,” it’s really just about The Baby!  That’s right…our Christmas HOPE, our daily HOPE, our life HOPE…it all resides in the HOPE of THE BABY!  So on this last weekend before Christmas, put aside those feelings of  “I can’t get it… Continue reading Deep Breath….You Can Still Do Christmas Right! ~Kerry

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FESTIVELY FALL~EASY DIY CRAFTS I love crafting, but as a homeschooling, single, working mom to 4, my projects have to be simple!  So I spent the evening searching out what I consider to be very “doable” fall craft projects.  Did I mention I was looking for inexpensive too!  I hope you feel inspired to take… Continue reading 10 FESTIVELY FALL and EASY DIY CRAFTS~Kerry

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Creative Plantings

As the first of May is upon us, the end of cold weather is finally in sight.  Hopefully…  Here in Central Oregon we will still have below freezing temperatures through May, but the sunny, warm days give hope.   That means one thing for me….FLOWERS!  I strive to have the most colorful mix of blooms… Continue reading Creative Plantings