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“The Veggie Turkey Cleanse”

     I don’t know about your family, but our family seems to always be collecting funny stories about things that have happened to us.  Thanksgiving is no exception!  In fact, Thanksgiving, or any holiday for that matter, seems to invite crazy stories and the laughter that goes along with the retelling of those tales.… Continue reading “The Veggie Turkey Cleanse”

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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Hello Friends!  Below is one of our family’s favorite recipes, homemade chocolate cake.  This is a favorite of ours and one of our go to recipe for years .  Once we went gluten free we had to adapt it and are happy to say it still tastes the same as our good old wheat flour… Continue reading Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

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Easy Leftover Lunches

It seems we all have those day where we aren’t at home and  lunch time rolls around.  So, what do you do?  Sure, there are those times where you just have to grab a bite to eat at a fast food restaurant.  Although, when possible, it’s nice to pack a lunch from homemade food made… Continue reading Easy Leftover Lunches

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Folk Songs, Soldiers and A Little Southern History~Megan

Salt, salt, salt!!  If you are of the general population, chances are you have been told to eat less salt.  You’re told it’s not good for you in excess!  That’s probably true, unless you, like me, have POTS!   When you have POTS, it’s hard to stay hydrated and people who have POTS don’t usually retain… Continue reading Folk Songs, Soldiers and A Little Southern History~Megan

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Scrumptious Berry Pie From Cast Off Produce~Megan

It all started the other day, when on my way home, I stopped at our local produce stand and got a box of cast off produce to feed to our chickens.  Many times, the cast off boxes are full of fruit and vegetables that aren’t fit to be eaten, but many a time, we have… Continue reading Scrumptious Berry Pie From Cast Off Produce~Megan

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Fruit Worth Preserving~Megan

We have a post in this Blog Hop today!  After you read our musings on “Fruit Worth Preserving” in relation to fruit of the season, as well as, fruit of the Spirit, click on the button below for more posts if you, too, have a Heart for Home! Hello there friends!  I don’t know about… Continue reading Fruit Worth Preserving~Megan


Homemade Treats for Our Four Legged Friends! ~Kerry

We had a special visitor this weekend, Michael’s Kansas Cousin, Leah, and her husband Dan, along with their super sweet dog, Hombre!  We had not had a visit with each other since 1991…long overdue.  It was such fun to catch up, share memories, laugh together over home cooked meals and discuss the old fashioned way… Continue reading Homemade Treats for Our Four Legged Friends! ~Kerry