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Dear Nana


Dear Nana,

I just wanted you to know that today we had that party for you that you had been planning. Just like you wanted, no one wore black and instead we all wore the brightest colors we could find in our closets, just for you. We told stories, lots of stories about you! We cried, but I promise we laughed even more! There were so many friends and family members that people had to stand and the director said it was the biggest crowd they had ever had. Of course since you never met a stranger in your life, that didn’t surprise us! Nana, we sang your favorite hymnes and just like you did for so many others we made sure to read the 23rd Psalm. We ate cake and cookies and talked about your famous enchiladas! The whole place looked festive with all your Christmas craft decorations and we are all in awe of how many different crafts you could make out of toilet paper rolls and socks! There were lots and lots of balloons because this was a party just for you and what is a party without balloons?  Oh, and you would be proud, we made sure to bring your puppy Charlie and he sat on laps, gave kisses to people and had a grand old time at your party. Then Nana, just for you, we had your favorite, chinese food, at Chans and oh our bellies are full tonight! Oh yes, we ordered all your favorites and now the fridge is full of leftovers for tomorrow. But your day wasn’t over yet, because that craft I promised to buy you paint for still needed to be done, so don’t be upset that we went without you, but we went to Hobby Lobby, your favorite store, and bought craft supplies to finish your Christmas crafts for you. I got all three colors of paint you wanted so I can bedazzle your Christmas tree like we had planned to do together. Dear Nana we love you and know you’re crafting in heaven and having parties of your own with Jesus and until we join you up there we’ll keep on trying to love, like you loved others and to wake up each morning with the spunk you brought to every day!

Love You Forever,



4 thoughts on “Dear Nana

  1. Thank you Megan for sharing your thought about yesterday. It was perfect and I know your Nana would have loved every minutes of it. Love you so much!! Gramms

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    1. Nana went to be with Jesus on Monday after she got pneumonia, probably from aspirating, which was a complication of her dementia. I’m still processing and figuring out how I want to write about her beautiful last moments were here on earth. ❤ That will probably be posted in the next week or so. 🙂 ~Megan

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