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The Lifelong Resolution ~Megan

As the new year begins, we like to contemplate things we want to do better and remember the things we did “right.”  We think “maybe this next year can be made even better by a couple well thought out resolutions.” However, year after year, as you talk to people, you find last year’s resolutions are long forgotten and never truly got off the ground in the first place. However, what if we did in fact do something different this year? What if instead of changing our exterior world by losing weight or exercising or eating healthier, we tried something different.

What if we went deeper and instead of just resolving to read our bibles every day, we decided to let Christ transform our hearts each new morning? What if we resolved to do the opposite of our culture and instead of “loving” ourselves more, we start learning how to love others with the love Christ demonstrates to us each day? What would happen to our year? What would happen to our world?

Bible Verses for Blog  (2)

In our society there is little precedent on how to truly love others who are different than us. “Tolerance” and “acceptance” are preached all over, yet the effect often seems to do just the opposite and when they are enacted they fall woefully short. But the bible clearly calls us, as Christians, to love each other. To love each other with the love of Christ. This isn’t “tolerance” or “acceptance” as the world preaches. This is humility, grace, kindness, putting others before oneself, love.

Bible Verses for Blog

This year, as we all move forward and become a year older, let’s do something different and become the hands and feet of Jesus. Let’s be so counter to our culture that our actions become those of Christ and our hearts and minds are so transformed that suddenly others become more important than ourselves. Maybe we’re so fascinated by resolutions because they promise quick results. Yet following Christ and becoming like Him is hardly that. While you are likely to feel the effects of a Christ centered life rather quickly, I thinks it’s something I’ll be striving after my whole life.

So let us face this new year with the hope and joy our Savior has given us. Let us strive daily to follow in His footsteps. Let’s remember to wake up each morning and turn our heart towards the only One that can truly transform our hearts, minds and our lives. While resolutions are often self centered and short lasting, let’s do something truly life changing and unexpected this year.

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Happy New Year,



5 thoughts on “The Lifelong Resolution ~Megan

  1. A beautiful resolution – one that’s worth a lifetime of effort.

    I hope to see you and your family tomorrow at House of Covenant. Ours also believes in making 2015 a different year. Here’s what’s going on tomorrow:

    The teaching this Saturday, Jan. 3, starts a short series on the differences between the soul and the spirit. The research has highlighted some interesting points about Yeshua’s sacrifice and what actually was sacrificed for us. These are some of the questions that will be addressed:

    · What’s the difference between the soul and the spirit?

    · Where is the soul?

    · Do animals have a soul and willl our pets be in heaven?

    · What was wrong with Cain’s sacrifice? (Hint: When Chad Klein was 6 he said, “Like every other normal person, God doesn’t like vegetables.” This is not the correct answer to this question.)

    · Who’s in the Book of Life?

    · What exactly is the Tree of Life?

    · What is profoundly significant about Yeshua’s blood sacrifice for us?

    · What does “the life is in the blood” mean?

    Xo’s, Jodi Klein

  2. Dear Megan,
    Your writing is so honest and from your heart. May angels stay close comforting you during your hours of bedrest. I do keep you and family in prayers.
    Grama Bonnie

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