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Deep Breath….You Can Still Do Christmas Right! ~Kerry




You CAN do Christmas right.  Because when it comes to our “babies,” it’s really just about The Baby!  That’s right…our Christmas HOPE, our daily HOPE, our life HOPE…it all resides in the HOPE of THE BABY!  So on this last weekend before Christmas, put aside those feelings of  “I can’t get it all done in time,” because He has already done it in time. His timing was perfect.  The plans made long ago, they happened…not as expected maybe, but the plans were set in motion and nothing could stop them; not a census, a long journey swollen with child, an over crowded city and not a stable.  Her fear was turned to faith as she followed the One who is always faithful.

I think that as mom’s, we can look a little deeper and realize that God knew our woman hearts oh so very well.  Mary, The Mother, our faith example.  That first Christmas looked nothing like I imagined she had planned.  The Gift of the Messiah wrapped deep in her womb, birthed to be our Emmanuel. All of her previous plans laid aside to answer His call.  Delivering this Gift in an unlikely place, her mama somewhere far away.  Birthing the Gift with only Joseph by her side.  The scent of straw and a menagerie of animals instead of the familiar aromas of home and the encouragement of those who knew what a mama needs to expel the Gift into waiting, experienced arms.  Yet she was a faithful mama from the start.

How often do we find ourselves in a time, a place, a situation that looks nothing like we have planned?  Our hearts start beating.  There’s a slight throb behind our temple. We think to ourselves “this isn’t supposed to be how it is.”  How did I end up here?  Perhaps that’s you this weekend.  Looking ahead just days, to the much anticipated celebration of Him, Christmas.  Didn’t get all those cards out yet (truth)?  I am only n Day 13 of the Advent readings (truth).  No Christmas picture of the kids (truth).  Only 1 batch of Christmas cookies (truth).  Just put up the tree last night, 6 days before Christmas (truth).  Not a single present wrapped (truth).  Not exactly sure what I am going to serve for Christmas dinner yet (truth).  How will I wade through all of the tasks before me (deep, soulful breath)?

And then I think of Mary, of the arrival of the Savior to unexpected parents in an unexpected situation.  That humble, yet life changing arrival of this Gift that speaks to us today and says, “I AM ENOUGH.”  I stop myself and repeat, “HE IS ENOUGH.  JESUS IS ENOUGH”  I don’t want to spend these next 6 days in a panic and so whatever is not a part of the One True Gift gets crossed off the giant “Weekend Before Christmas To Do List.”

I want to be purposeful in showing my children that it is not about all of the wrappings and treats and twinkles and presents, but in fact, it is only about His Presence.   I want to teach them to rest in His Presence no matter how far off we are from our neatly and well laid plans, because I know that His plans are far superior to my plans, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.”

So I wait to listen to His gentle leading, just as Mary and Joseph listened so very long ago.  Mary never once stopped to ask about her well laid plans.  She just faithfully followed. Lord, help us all to just faithfully follow.  You lead us “beside still waters.”  You restore our soul.  You knew from the start that the Christmas Baby would be the only thing we would ever truly, desperately, longingly need.  You met all of our needs, before we even knew we had needs.  If then, then now as well.

You have done enough, because He is enough.  Stop.  Breathe.  Rest assured.  You can still do Christmas right, because it was made RIGHT on a Christmas Day long ago. Find faith in He who is Faith.  Rest in His Peace and not by doing your piece.  Receive the Gift He prepared for your family on a night long ago.  All we really need to do Christmas right is a story…HIS story.

Doing Christmas Right, Even With A Lot Undone! ~Kerry

4 thoughts on “Deep Breath….You Can Still Do Christmas Right! ~Kerry

  1. Wow, I’m feeling guilty for our lunch visit Tuesday at noon (I’ll call you first). But I trust it is part of His plan and that He will bless it! -Jodi

  2. Amen! He is Enough!

    Thank you for this beautiful devotion! I just shared it with my ladies group!


    Chris Strickler

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