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Surviving The Lego Attacks During Bedtime Stories ~Megan

Who knew bedtime stories, sweet innocent bedtime stories, could be so violent! Having decided to read to my brothers I had already given up any allusions that they would sit through the American Girl books I had checked out of the library.  However, in true brotherly style, I was once more met with unexpected hilarity, “boy humor” of the ten year old kind (of which we won’t go into) and spontaneous wrestling matches. Tonight, my idea of bedtime stories where you snuggle up under the cover, read a sweet story, say bedtime prayers and drift off to dreamland where not to be!


First, I braved a dinosaur attack and defeated the Lego ambush in Kyle’s bed as I attempted to get snuggled up. Then, I had to defend my honor while using the book we were supposed to be reading as a “weapon” to restore order. Finally, after a big ruckus, we managed to actually read the book!!! Yes, we read it, with much laughter and strange voices as Kyle, the youngest, finally was bestowed the honor of reading the book, took full advantage of this power to insight laughter.


Before I could escape the room, the Lego mini fig, that we had previously decided was my Lego self, got chucked across the room and I once more had to use the book as a weapon to defend Kyle and myself from a surprise attack from Matthew. Making ready for a speedy retreat, we somehow got serious enough to say a bedtime prayer. Do you see how this was going? No unicorns or princess, but hey I hadn’t set my hope that high, however this wasn’t the sort of sibling “bonding” I had in mind!

With the book read and prayers said, there was one thing left, the hugs and kisses, if I got lucky. Now again I have learned this can be a dangerous thing with brothers, because somehow to an 8 and 10 year old boy nothing says “I love you” better than a boa constrictor like hug or the dreaded slobber kiss! Miraculously I wasn’t injured with any of the bedtime kisses or hugs and they went smoothly compared to the preceding events of bedtime.

However, before I left I had to hold my ground one last time as a dirty dish was shoved in my hand without so much as a “please.” Insighting the use of this magic word, I made it clear I wasn’t the maid there to clear out the dirty dishes from the room and then made my departure all in one piece with no casualties! Whew! It was quite the adventure we had at tonight’s bedtime. Sometimes, or a lot of the time, I have learned that little brothers don’t always express their love with the utmost gentleness, sometimes their most meaningful hugs are anything but gentle. Having done bedtime as a little girl with my sister wrestling was never a part of the end of the day family bonding. However, even if my brothers bedtime often gets rowdy and is more rough than my own personal taste, I will say, we had no less fun and had quite a bit of exuberant quality time together, yes, jokes and all!

2 thoughts on “Surviving The Lego Attacks During Bedtime Stories ~Megan

  1. Need to say which one of you posted this – which ever one it was: you did a great job making me feel like I was a lucky fly on the wall, getting to observe this special piece of family history, the kind of stuff that we can revel in because it makes us realize how extraordinary the ordinary is. –Jodi Klein

    1. Megan here! I actually put my name in the heading of the post, but we can definitely be sure to also sign them at the end in the future. Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the story! 🙂

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