"Trust In The Lord"

Stretched… ~Kerry

Untitled drawing (2)

The stretching in life comes upon us when our heads are turned, unexpecting.  From stable to falling, quivering, unaware.  Tossed. Gliding one moment.  Cascading the next…into the unknown, the tumultuous.  All we knew and counted on, fleeting.  Searching for the fallen log in the middle of the roaring river.  Something upon which to stand.  Darkness descended, stars obscured.  Reaching forward, hoping for something to grasp.  Something to hold on to during this unexpected stretching.  

Occasionally we see it coming, wishing it wasn’t.  Hoping to be wrong.  Yet the stretching ensues…all too recognizable, sometimes unaccustomed.  We’ve felt this all too familiar extension before.  Hoped to evade once more.  We’ve felt the bend in our lives all too often.  The pain of the stretching.  The fear of breaking.

Likewise we have felt the catch.  The gentle, peaceful catch.  We always feel the catch.  Arms that hold.  Hands that caress the tear streaked face.  He comes for us.  He has never left us.  Through the obscure, He was always there.  We might not have seen, but He abides always.  Agape like.  Holy like.  Spirit like.  God like.  The One who subdues the stretching.  Eases the pain.  Brings the peace.  IS the peace.  We are sustained, because of Him.  By Him.  He points us once again to the joy.  He is the Joy.  He provides the way because He is the Way.  

He whispers our name, calls to us.  We are restored…once again.  Listen and you will always hear.  Seek and you will always find.  When stretched, He will always be there.  The stretch cannot snap us, because He abides.  He will pursue.  We are His.  Through Him alone, the stretching strengthens, in lieu of a breaking. Once again stretched, never to be the same, yet always the same in Him.  

Stretched But Not Broken,


“What a wonderful God we have—he is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the source of every mercy, and the one who so wonderfully comforts and strengthens us in our hardships and trials.”  2 Corinthians 1:3 

4 thoughts on “Stretched… ~Kerry

  1. Kerry – I had noticed that it’s been a while since we’ve gotten a post, but I knew you’d been busy.

    This is beautiful. I am saving it to forward on to just the right persons who need it, as God, who will not be satisfied with less than the best for us because of His great love, brings those people into my life. And as for me – I will chew on it all day.

    You are very gifted. I am sorry for the furnace you are being put through.

    Xo’s, Jodi

  2. My dear friend, I am blessed to be walking side by side with you and inspired by His strength that shows through you every single day!!
    Love you.

  3. Kerry – This is a beautiful post. Thank you for commenting on mine and connecting me with you. I will be praying for you sister. Stretching is hard…but you never break. I know this all too well. (((HUGS TO YOU)))

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