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Call Your Kids, Grab Some Glitter, Seize Your Scissors & Just GLUE It!~Kerry

I have always loved crafting.  When I was a teacher, I brought this passion into the classroom.  When I became a mom, I was ecstatic to teach my kids the joy of crafting.  My 16 year old girls now out craft me in a much more artistic manner.  And my boys enjoy the creativity and hands on experience crafts allow for.  So I thought I would gather a few ideas that might inspire you to get your craft on with your kids this fall!  Here are 10 of my festively fall favorites!

Following an autumn nature walk and gathering of natural treasures…think pine cones, acorns, leaves, holly berries…  Take these treasures and set them in a frame of Plaster of Paris , use straws to make the holes and then rafia to hang this piece of artwork, once dry.  Here are the complete instructions for these pretty plaques.

Here is a unique take on leaf printing; a fall leaf print banner.  Using fresh fall leaves, a piece of cotton fabric and acrylic craft paint you and your children can create prints that will last the test of time.

These beautiful treasures were created by Gail Bartel at www.thatartistwoman.org, another type of leaf print to enjoy using salt dough, acrylic paints and artificial leaves.

Ms. Bartel has a wonderful site you must visit for a plethora of creative ideas.  Her work is beautiful, yet I think the projects can be used in the home.  Her ideas are so inspiring, such as these adorable Gnomes out of sticks.

Here is a way for your kids to help decorate the dinner table with handcrafted napkin rings using card stock, bow tie pasta, dried beans and fall colored beads.
fall napkin holders craft

This is a beautiful Bean Leaf Mosaic.  I can remember quite a few bean mosaics from my childhood.  Using poster board, white glue and a variety of dried beans, this is a craft I think most kids would enjoy.  You could spray it with a clear varnish to make it last longer.

bean leaf craft

The whole family can get involved in making this colorful Coffee Filter Garland…a little watercolor paint, markers for detail and a yarn to hang these adornments!

10 Best Fall Crafts For Kids

Kids of all ages love collecting pine cones.  Let them paint them and then hang them with fall colored ribbons for more

delightful autumn decor!

10 Best Fall Crafts For Kids

Twigs glued onto small glass candle holders…bringing nature indoors once more.
Button, button…whose got the button?
Grab your glitter,  pass the paint,  seize your scissors  and just GLUE it!

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