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Check Out Our New Blog Design ~Kerry

Well hello there all of you Old Fashioned Girls at heart!  As we reach the end of the first year of our blogging journey, Megan decided that we needed to update the look of our blog.  Now mind you, we have started from scratch in the blogging world and are 100% self taught, a scary thought in and of itself, being that 2 of the 3 of us, consider ourselves to be extremely non-techy!  Any way, we have spent countless hours figuring out how to set up a blog, write what we hope are interesting posts, grow our audience, participate in Linky parties, add widgets, create a button (We finally had to have help from a more techy friend on this one. Thank you Angie Wright!  Mind you, she just sat down and whipped it up! That is, after we had spent hours creating a mediocre one at best.), link up posts to other blogs, create an Old Fashioned Girls Twitter account (okay…we tweeted for the first time just last night, but seriously, I have yet to discover the importance of Tweets!  I read they help grow your blog…hmmmm…haven’t figured out why yet.), take, download and  then upload pictures to our blog, reference other great ideas we want to share with our trusty readers in a responsible manner and many more blog related essentials.  Wow!  We have come a long way for sure!  I am honored to be able to blog with my twin daughters, Megan and Katie.  We are always touched when someone shares with us how specific posts inspired them in one way or another.

blog maybe

We look forward to the upcoming 2nd year of this adventure and sharing it with you.  We hope to host our own Linky party, have someone do a more professional blog page for us, create an Old Fashioned Girls Pinterest page,  figure out the importance of Twitter and grow our blog in the direction the Lord sees fit!  We have also just joined a new Facebook group  that we are very excited to be a part of, Christian Bloggers (see, we learned how to imbed links too).  If you have enjoyed Old Fashioned Girls posts, please leave us a comment.  We always try to respond back to each and every one.  If you feel so lead, we would be honored if you shared a link to our blog with friends.  It is our desire to honor God in all we write and hopefully inspire others with our musings!

Moms phone 2011-2012 2200

Looking Forward to Another Year of Growth in the Blogging World!


2013-05-10 22.18.21


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