Odds and Ends

Day 14-15

Day 14

Today was spectacular!   We got to go to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California!!!   Now, before I tell you about it, I feel there are two things that really need to be cleared up!   1) It wasn’t really the kind of library with books (now before those book worms out there get upset, it was more like a really cool museum!!)  2)  The “Air Force One” they had on display really wasn’t Air Force One. Yes, at one point it was Air Force One, but that was only when the president was actually flying on it!   But, before I digress anymore, because yes, I do have more fun facts,  a nice docent at the library overheard me telling about this fact and told me….well, I won’t go there because that’s another the rabbit trail we are not going to go down…

photo (8)

Anyway, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was my favorite stop we have made so far.   I especially liked how the museum was deigned.  Wherein at most museums you are trying to decide which room you should go into first, at the Ronald Reagan library they had it laid out in such a way that you knew exactly which room you should go into as one exhibit flowed into the next. As for the exhibits, they were full of great information about Ronald Reagan and were very interactive, with many videos and even radio productions that you could listen to and actually hear Ronald Reagan talking.

photo (10)

There was even a special, temporary exhibit, on Abraham Lincoln, my favorite president, making it an extra special treat for me.   It was so neat getting to see his actual, handwritten signature on documents, but the best part was getting to see his iconic stovepipe hat, which is one of only three in existence!

photo (9)

I’ll leave you with a one or maybe two, fun facts!  Ronald Reagan loved jelly bellies and his favorite flavor was licorice!

Day 15

Our first stop of this day was at Pepperdine University for a quick tour, as it was where mom and dad both went to college, as well as being the place where  Mr. Cox or Dr. Cox to you 🙂 works a a professor in the religion department.  In Mr.Cox’s office, he showed us a collection of old coins from around the time Jesus was on the earth, one even had Pontius Pilote’s likeness on it.  (Okay, this is Megan’s mom, Kerry here.  I was overwhelmed with the thought that this actual coin was circulating during the time that Jesus lived.  It was a common coin of that era.  WHAT IF Jesus had actually held this exact coin.  Theoretically, it was a possibility.  With the fact that there were many of these coins in circulation, it was not highly likely.  BUT… what if Jesus had touched something I was touching.  This is a moment that will forever live in my memory, just the thought of the possibility amazes me.)

photo (7)

After looking around the campus, we headed off to the Getty Villa in Malibu.  At the Villa, Mr.Cox gave us a tour and told us about the Villa, modeled after a real Roman Villa.  Throughout the vast rooms, we saw marble statues, mosaics and armor, among many other beautiful things.

photo (5)

Throughout the villa the gardens were neatly kept and were replicated after how the garden would have been like during the time of the Romans.   At the Getty Villa, not only was the decor and gardens made to fit the times, it was replicated down to the cobblestone streets you drove up, to get to the villa, making for an exciting step back into the past and times gone by.

photo (4)

Having Fun With History,



2 thoughts on “Day 14-15

  1. Thank you for today’s blog–it was great! I’ve been to the Reagan Library 3x and would go again in a heartbeat if I was in that area again. I never got to the Getty Museum in Malibu, but have gone to the larger Getty Museum a couple times that’s just off the 405 Freeway and to the north of Sunset. I actually saw that museum go up from across the freeway where I was working. It’s a “must see”. Absolutely fabulous.

    Have fun on the remainder of your trip!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed today’s blog! We actually did get to got to the Getty Center a couple days after the Getty Villa. Both were amazing and I’m glad we got to go to both of them!


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