Odds and Ends

Vacation Days 11-13~Megan

Day 11

With the beach fresh on our minds  from the evening before, we headed off to the beach in La Jolla for the entire day.  Bathing suits dawned, lunches packed and smeared from the tops of our heads to our toes in sunscreen, the only thing in our way was a 30 minute drive to our destination!

photo (26)

Once we got there the impossible task of keeping sand off our towels commenced, as we set out to enjoy our day.   With our things set aside, it was into the water where dad taught us kids how to Boogie board.   Out in the water we would sit waiting and when the right wave came our way I would jump on the Boogie board and dad would give me a shove in the right direction!   A couple of times the promising waves petered out before we got to them, but the couple ones that sent me in towards the ocean’s sandy shore,  made all the waiting worth it!


One a lower note, it was not as warm as we would have liked and for a couple of hours there we were a bit chilly and wrapped up in our beach towels to stay warm, but when the sun did make an appearance it felt wonderful!  A bit sun burnt and hopefully a little tanner, our day came to a close with a filling meal and frozen yogurt as we made our way back to the house!

photo (16)

Day 12

Day 12 is here and we are going to spend it at the Lego Land water park with our cousin and aunt tagging along this time.  Our first stop was at the aquarium and after a quick lunch, the boys were let loose to float the “lazy river” and down the water slides, which they promptly proceeded to do.

photo (11)

Up and down they went all afternoon, having fun in a place with so many selections of water slides.  Wet and happy, I would say this day was a success!  Although the fellas had fun at Lego Land and had a great time, I am looking forward to the things we still have left to do on our vacation!

Day 13

Today was our last day at Grandma Fran’s house.   After getting packed up with our handy dandy new pack a sport we now had room to add dad to our car (since he had a meeting and met us mid journey)!   Now we have no problem finding our car in a parking lot and the extra space it affords in our car is extremely welcome.

photo (15)

After a yummy lunch we got to go see Papa Garner, our great grandpa who is 96!   Although his mind isn’t as clear as it used to be due to age, he still has a great sense of humor and cracked jokes and introduced us to a friend.  After a nice visit with dad’s grandpa, we were back on the road and headed to our friend’s house a couple of hours away, just north of LA.

Great Papa!
Great Papa!

The friends we are visiting our old family friends that dad and mom made back in college.  Like our family, they also home school and have four kids just like our family, although they have four boys.  The two oldest are twins, just like Katie and I, and are just six months older.  They have two other boys, the youngest who is Matthew’s age.  Needless to say, our families get along well and we are excited to be at their house for the next couple of days.


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