Odds and Ends

Vacation Days 9-10 ~Megan

Day 9

Today was Aunt and Uncle day!    Following a leisurely morning, after being up late from last night’s party, we got ready and headed over to Aunt Laura and Uncle Phil’s house.   After seeing their three dogs, Pugsy and Violet (their pugs) and Tank (their English bull dog) the boys headed out with uncle Phil and we girls drove off with Aunt Laura.


Now you probably know by now that Katie and I love to sew and Aunt Laura does as well.   If you quilt at all, you probably see where this is going….   Yep, three quilters, all afternoon and quilt shops all around!   Aunt Laura, knowing all the good places, decided we had to see two certain shops and of course, if we had any time to spare, we could go see more.

photo (6)

The first one we went into was wonderful!  It was full of beautiful prints for the eyes to behold and the imagination to feast upon.  To our good luck, there were shelves upon shelves full of bolt of fabric for only $6 a yard!  This summer,  Katie and I are making quilts for our beds; mine is going to be a purple themed quilt and Katie’s is going to be pink!

photo (2)

As I said, the first quilt shop we went to was “Quilt In a Day’ and was full of a wonderful selection of fabric!   The next Store we stopped at was “Rosie’s Calico Cupboard” and let me tell you, it was full of more fabric than I have ever seen before in one quilt shop!!!  It was fabulous and set our quilting imagination into high gear!!!  Just the first overview walk through, took quite a  long time and we then discovered another room full of fabric, after we thought we had seen it all.   At the quilt shop we spent about 30 minutes going through a trunk full of buttons to find just the right ones to bring home!

photo (7)

The boys, on the other hand, had gone to the beach with Uncle Phil to learn the art of catching sand crabs.  They also made a detour to a store where Uncle Phil got them cool toys to construct.  As I wasn’t with them and it was a boys’ trip, I really can’t say much on it, but I can assure they had many a tale to tell as we met back up.  Perhaps you can ask them about their adventure….

At dinner we met up and ate a nice meal together and then headed back to Uncle Phil and aunt Laura’s house.  The boys got to go check out a motorcycle and we girls got to look over Aunt Laura’s collection of old sewing machines!   Mom and dad eventually had to collect us and that concluded our spectacular day with our aunt and uncle!

Day 10

With two brothers who are 8 and 9 (almost 10), as you might expect, they are a bit, well, actually more than a bit, obsessed with Legos!   Thus,  it was only logical that we made a visit to Lego Land!   As we pulled up, the boys were giddy with excitement as the saw the huge, bigger than life, Lego sculptures!

photo (21)

Throughout the day, the boys had a great time going on all the rides, as well as exploring the Lego cities!   We got to see the Eiffel Tower, New York City and many more towns and cities completely made out of Legos!  Needless to say, this was a very fun place for two young boys!

photo (24)

After our day at Lego Land, Matthew had a grand idea to get pizza and we found this yummy restaurant that served delicious pizza.   Along with their yummy pizza, they also served homemade root beer that was delicious and quenched our thirst after a long day!

photo (18)

Just a few blocks from the beach, we couldn’t resist the urge to go walk down to it. As the sun set, where the sky and the ocean met, beautiful shades of pink lit up the sky.  Sun setting and tide coming in, we let the water tease us as we ran in and out of it, getting our clothes wet.  When we finally drove back to grandma’s house, we were all tired and a bit sandy form the adventures of the day!

Another Day of Traveling Adventures,



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