"Trust In The Lord"

Summer’s Gate~Kerry

Summer’s Gate

The explosion of flowers adds to the storybook feel of this cottage

Summertime…oh, so sweet

Walking through damp grass, with bare feet

Sun shining down in beautiful rays

Reflecting the wonder of summer days

Fresh smell of newly cut hay

A colorful butterfly floating my way

This picture reminds me of my mom and dad. Daisies were moms favorite flower and dad and I watched the butterflies in the back yard

Blossoms awake in perennial beds

Colorful blooms, wake their slumbering heads

Their fragrances deepen, in the hot sun

As their flowers open, one by one


Mid July, summer’s halfway over

Come sit beside me, amidst the pink clover

On the edge of the creek, flowing gentle and calm

As hummingbirds flutter, sipping Bee Balm

NC...August 2011  Hovercraft -  On a summer afternoon in Colfax, a hummingbird draws nectar from bee balm — and nature's delicate features are frozen in a fraction of a second. Photograph by Elaine Moorefield of Colfax

Summer’s my season, with sun on my face

Time slows down, no longer a race

Yes, summertime is oh, so sweet

Each year anticipating another chance to meet

Come journey with me through summer’s gate

So many of her pleasures do await

photo (11)

Loving Summertime,



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