Odds and Ends

Day 6-8

Day 6

Well, today we got to spend another relaxing day in Palm Desert!    We slept in and had a lovely morning writing for the blog.  Then Sarah, Katie and I decided to make ice cream, so we tagged along with mom to Trader Joe’s to get the ingredients.  While out, the temperature got up to 112 degrees!   Talk about hot!   While out, we got to go get frozen yogurt, except it was so hot we could hardly eat it before it all melted.

photo (8)

Unfortunately, our future as gourmet ice cream makers was cut short by an ice cream maker with a missing part!   We even were resourceful and tried the Cub Scout way of making ice cream in Ziploc bags, only to have hours into the project and sugary soup for dessert.  Oh well, it was a fun experience and we will have at least one more visit this year with Sarah to perfect our peanut butter ice cream.

Tonight we had a lovely evening, “ice cream” soup and all and us three girls ended up staying in the pool until nearly 11:00pm!  Keeping with the fun day we had a good ol’ girly sleepover, with late night chats and giggles amongst good friends!

Day 7

Awww…..   Day 7 and our time with Bear (Sarah) was quickly coming to a close, but we had a couple more hours of time to spend together before it was back on the road. When we got up, being that we were in a guest house, there wasn’t any good breakfast food.  So we hopped in the golf cart, PJ’s and all, and drove down the street past the country club (mind you this is like 10:30 when all the golfers were out) and on to Sarah’s house where we made homemade waffles.  They turned out much better than our culinary disaster of the night before!

Counter covered in flour and waffles smeared with peanut butter and real maple syrup, we quickly cleaned up and became a breakfast delivery service as we headed back to mom with a waffle made just for her.  Appearance improved and no longer in PJ’s, the time had come to pack up our things and head on over to Grandma Fran’s house.  But before we left, we made one last stop at Sarah’s house to say goodbye.  Of course we got a bit side tracked there (which was fun), but eventually it was back on the road and off on the next leg of our journey.

Day 8

You may not know it, but the original reason we made our way to Southern California was to celebrate Grandma Fran’s 70th birthday and today was the big day!  Dressed up and excited for the party, we got to the place it was being held and helped greet guest as they started to arrive.  Among the guests were old family friends and family from dad’s side that we kids got introduced to.

photo (25)

As the evening progressed, we got to catch up with family we knew and get to know those we hadn’t yet met.  With food in our bellies and good company, the evening was quite pleasant!  Perhaps most surprising of all was hearing stories about the famous people our grandma had met when she was younger!

Until Our Next Adventure,



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