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Review of “Classical Conversations:PreScripts Cursive Words and Drawing”

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I have quite a few friends who are involved in the Classical Conversations Co Op, a nation-wide community of learners focused on the Classical style of education.   I have looked into it for my children.  Upon receiving Classical Conversations “PreScripts:Cursive Words and Drawing” for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was anxious to take a peek, in a hands on manner, into their curriculum.   I decided to use this cursive writing program with my soon to be 3rd grade son.  This is the year I have chosen to begin teaching the art of cursive writing to all four of my children and my youngest was very excited to begin this journey.

Classical Conversations has recently published a new handwriting program that includes 4 different spiral bound books.  These handwriting books contain tracing, copy work in the form of letters, words and short scriptures.  They add some art lessons to “provide some variety” for your student.  This specific book, “PreScripts:Cursive Words and Drawing,” is for children ages 5 to 10 and it retails for $12.99.  There are enough lessons for your student to work daily and complete one page a day for a full school year.

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Okay, first of all, please excuse the dirty fingernails….  I would have never allowed this with my first born you know?  But hey, he’s #4 and a boy to boot!  We used this program 4 days a week, along with our regular daily lessons.  This book even went on a 23 day road trip with us!  Maybe we were camping the day I took this picture, which would account for the fingernail issue.  Or it was just another day on our small farm.  But, I digress…  The “PreScripts:Cursive Words and Drawing” begins with just over 2 pages of all the letters of the alphabet, capitols and lower cases, for the child to trace once and then write once on their own.  Then each day the student is asked to trace and write a letter (a through z, respectively), trace and write a short word, copy a 2 line scripture verse and then practice a variety of pencil strokes which coordinate with learning to write in cursive.  The art lessons become increasingly more detailed, until at the end of the book, the student is drawing flower vases and 3 dimensional cubes.

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For my son, at the very beginning stage of learning to write in cursive, there was not quite enough practice of writing the individual letters.  He found it a bit frustrating to write a capitol and lower case Aa on one line, the word “All” on another line and then be asked to jump into writing a short scripture verse with a wide variety of letters.  Classical Conversations maintains that as the student “masters the manual skill of writing,” they will begin to recognize the cursive letters as well as “basic writing and reading rules.”  I chose to supplement some extra practice before he moved on to the writing of scripture verses.  He loved the art lessons and would fill the entire page with drawings most days.  I though these art lessons were very beneficial in getting him to practice a wide variety of strokes in a fun manner!  And though it was difficult, he was very excited to be able to write actual words early on.

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  1. My son had dirty fingernails in our picture, too. Usually I notice things like that when we are quietly sitting in church together and I can’t do anything about it.

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