Odds and Ends

Road Trip Days 4-5

Day 4

Well we are back on the road, but this time we are on some big freeways!   Freeways you say?  Yeah, where we live the lanes never get above two, the speed above 55 mph and the biggest thing we have a is a highway and part of it is only 45 mph.  Although our mom grew up in California, she hasn’t driven these roads in years and as for me driving them, well, that will take a some learning.  Anyway, when we were not on freeways, we were driving through brown waste land today…..

Later:  We finally made it to Bakersfield after a long five hours of driving.  Making a stop there, we got the chance to see some of mom and dad’s college friends and their kids.  This time we even got to meet their granddaughter, Lola!   She was adorable and a very personable baby.

photo (8)

Of course you can’t make a stop in Bakersfield without stopping at Dewar’s for some ice cream and candy chews!  Back on the road with the delicious peanut butter and peppermint chews, peanut butter milkshakes and malts, we were off on the second half of our drive.  Now, as we had our shakes at about 5pm, they kinda turned into our dinner and what better dinner can you have then ice cream?  Yep, there are a couple perks to long endless drives!

As it grew dark and all of us became tired and weary of being in the car so long, we decided to work on some of our Bible Bee studying and memorization.  You see, the Bible Bee box’s are supposed to arrive on June 1st.  That was the day we left on our road trip.  Thankfully, I knew we were leaving, and thus I strategically, after much thought, had my Bible Bee box sent to my grandma’s house.


For those of you wondering, our family is participating in the Bible Bee and thus our study material is in our box.   So, anyway, although we don’t have our box yet, the materials we need are online.   Before we got into the car, I wrote down a couple of references to verses we are memorizing.   Unfortunately, one of the references I wrote down was wrong, so we did memorize scripture, just not the right verse for Bible Bee!  But hey, it helped pass some of the time on our long drive that ended up taking 10 hours!!!

Day 5

Well, we finally made it last night!!!  We got in at about 10:00pm to a beautiful house our friends are letting us stay in.  It even has a pool in the backyard!   Needless to say, after our long drive yesterday, we got in the pool as soon as we arrived, even though it was past bed time and dark.  In fact, we even convinced mom to swim (something that can be hard to do)!!

photo (6)

This morning we all slept in and had a lovely slow morning looking out at the pretty view of a golf course with palm trees swaying in the breeze.  But the most exciting and real reason we came was to see one of mine and Katie’s dear friend, Sarah and her family.

photo (7)

During this afternoon we just hung out, drove around the neighborhood in a golf cart and even got treated to pedicures with Sarah!  In the evening, we swam while our parents barbecued dinner.  Overall, it was a lovely day, relaxing and catching up with friends!   Oh, did I mention Matthew and Kyle spent 7 hours in the pool?

Thinking About Swimming Some More,



3 thoughts on “Road Trip Days 4-5

  1. I feel like I’ve enjoyed your vacation, too, Megan, reading about all this fun! Your mom is a jewel for getting in the pool, too. I like the water, but must muster up abject courage to be seen in a bathing suit . . . –Mrs. Klein

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