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Review for “Moving Beyond the Page” & “”Pedro’s Journal

As we were just getting ready to go on our very own journey, it was the perfect opportunity to get the chance to do a review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew using “Moving Beyond the Page” curriculum in the form of their “Early Explorer’s” Social Studies Unit accompanied by a wonderful piece of literature, “Pedro’s Journal.”  As we packed up the car for our 3 week road trip, this was the curriculum I knew I had to take with us.  We were explorers of a different kind, as I had never loaded up our 4 kids to tackle such an adventure on my own.  Would we be more like the “Explorer’s Who Got Lost” or would our journey resemble one of “Exploration and Conquest?”  With “Pedro’s Journal” as our guide, we brought along our own travel journals and hit the road.

photo (19)

MBtP is a literature rich curriculum that offers both online unit studies, as we received with “Pedro’s Journal” and hard copy materials such as what we were given to review with the “Early Explorer’s” package that contained a step by step guide to discovery and  the books “Exploration and Conquest,” “Explorers Who Got Lost,” and “The Island of Skog.”  This unit study is for ages 8 to 10 year olds.  It is divided into two sections: 1) Early Explorers~Social Studies Unit and 2) Pedro’s Journal~An online Language Arts Unit Study.

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MBtP says that even though the Social Studies and Language Arts curriculum was broken down into separate and distinct books, it was designed to be used as one comprehensive unit study and we found that this proved to be true for our purposes.  Since we were going to be doing our studies on the road, I just went online and printed out the pages in pdf format, that I thought we would enjoy using for “Pedro’s Journey” before we left home.  We had begun reading before we left, so the hard copies just came along with us on our explorations!  We could envision a Skog perhaps living on Morro Rock.

photo (38) photo (40)

Pedro inspired us to take along travel journals to record our very own adventures.

photo (39)

As we used our study guide to learn about cardinal directions, we could follow along on our own map as we traveled first south, then west and back up north on  our own explorations, just as the early explorers did.

photo (41)

Just as the early explorer’s did, we could trace our own route on a map and mark the new and exciting places we were to journey to.

photo (42)

And we might even need our own tools to set up camp along the way!

photo (43)

We learned about Columbus, explorers, Balboa, Cortes and Pizarro as they made their way across Panama, Mexico and Peru. We made Explorers Cards of Vasco de Gama, Ferdinand Magellan and many others.  We studied Aztec and Incan Culture, just as we learned of city life in Los Angeles (being from a small country town).  We played “Journey Around the World” from our curriculum guide one day and “Uno” the next!  We learned the vocabulary of sailing masters, as I taught my kids the Spanish influenced names of many roads and cities on our own Southern California travels.  Being from Oregon, these words were new to all 4 of my kids and thus ensued a discussion of the conquering of the California area.

The study guides offered so many hands on activities, accompanying rich literature, that even though we did 3 or 4 activities a week, we still have a lot to look forward to this summer as we continue on our journey alongside “Pedro” and the “Early Explorer’s.”  If you like to use literature based unit studies that offer a plethora of easy to use activities, then I would highly recommend you take a look at “Moving Beyond the Page.”  They have an abundance of Science, Social Studies and Language Arts curriculum to choose from.  The prices vary for each unit study and can be purchased individually or as a year long program.  The “Early Explorers” unit study can be purchased as a hard copy for $33.97 or as an online version for $29.91. “Pedro’s Journal” retails for $29.97 as a hard copy version or $25.91 for the online version.

Happy Exploring!



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