"Trust In The Lord"

“Precious Things, That I Dare Say Are The Biggest Blessings”~A Short Story

God's Majesty!

There  was nothing wrong with the particular Monday that greeted Amy, and as far as it  progressed and for all appearances, it was a normal day.  Although, when Amy woke up, there was nothing note worthy about this Monday morning.  Amy had once read that one became like a squeaky machine without oil when one needed to spend time in God’s word.  The inpatient comment (or whatever it might be) was like the squeak from the machine that needed the oil, like we need the soothing oil of God’s word to grace our actions and lives.  Somehow, as Amy lay waking up, she had the feeling as she lay in bed reading a Psalm, that she would need this time spent in God’s word as her day went on.

As the day progressed, the sky became overcast and threatened to rain.  Just like the things that were weighing Amy down.  Again, it was nothing that this particular Monday had thrown at her, but rather responsibilities and people she cared about that had a hold on her heart and thoughts that afternoon as she drove through town after picking up the groceries for the Wednesday night pot luck she was bringing a dish to.  With the dog bathed earlier that morning and groceries tucked in her the trunk of the car, she couldn’t resist turning into the parking lot of the library when she drove past.

Walking through the rows of books with their soothing scent and the peaceful hush of the library surrounding her, Amy browsed the books looking for nothing in particular as she thought through her worries and sent up silent prayers for those she was concerned about.  Having been through the poetry section and browsed the biographies, she had collected two non-fiction books, straying from her usual selection of  fiction.  In the grasp of the library, she wandered around until she found herself picking up books on subjects that family members had shown interest in, in hopes that they might enjoy an afternoon read, as she so often did.

Back home, although soothed, she was still melancholy.  With the unusual situation of being home before the rest of her family, Amy brewed a pot of her favorite tea and settled down with one of her new books to enjoy an hour or so of quiet reflection.  Having a moment of quiet, although not something Amy usually did, on this day it was just what she needed so that she could quiet her spirit and reflect on everything that had seemed to be bombarding her all at once.

After losing herself in a captivating story, Amy set her book aside.  In the tranquil uninterrupted moment, she started reflecting on all her blessings.  Slowly, she began listing in her head the many good things that had happened to her and her family, even amidst their seemingly large trials.  As she quietly reflected, her list that had started off with bigger things such as the house she lived in, she found that the blessings she recognized got smaller, as she focused on the precious things that I dare say are the biggest blessings of all: the warm laughter in the kitchen that greeted her when she woke up or the little smile she got when she did a funny little dance while doing the dishes.

photo (34)

Yes, Amy had mountains to climb, but in the hour she took to step out of the busyness around her, she was able to truly see the butterflies and smell the sweet bark on the trees, along the rocky mountain path her family was journeying on with her.   Setting her book aside, she rose from her quiet spot with a lighter, more joyful spirit, ready to continue joyfully serving God even while storms surged around her and those she love dearly.  Trusting that God, who loved them more then they could fathom and who saw the tears of everyone in Amy’s family, was looking out and ready to carry them whenever they stumbled on the narrow mountain path.

2013-03-28 14.15.25

Finding Blessings All Around,


Nehemiah 8:10-11

“10 Nehemiah said, ‘Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.’

11 The Levites calmed all the people, saying, ‘Be still, for this is a holy day. Do not grieve.'”


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