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Megan’s Mother’s Day Ideas!

It’s that time of year where Mother’s Day is just a week away and it’s time to start thinking about how to do something a little extra special to show your mom how much you love her!  To start off with, I spent time searching for creative, fun, crafty things to make as gifts.  I found quite a few, but before I share those with you, I want to share with you a couple tried and true things we have done for our mom in past years that will never get old.

photo (7)

To start off with, if your mom is anything like our mom, then giving her the day off from cooking (even just one meal) will bless her and give her a nice break.  Something we like to do is to make mom brunch, as a family, after church.  An egg dish, such as scrambled eggs, with a yummy citrus juice and hash browns will do the trick!  If you wanted,you could even get a bit fancier and make her cranberry scones.  This is one of our family’s favorite recipes for spoiling mom and has been made the night before for breakfast in bed many a time!

photo (13)

Now to the crafty stuff!   One of my earliest memories is dad taking us to the scrapbooking store full of paper and stickers to make mom Mother’s Day cards when we were little.  And I bet you will agree, there just is something special about a  hand made card.  Plus, you are creating a keepsakes, especially if your mom is the type of person to save things; she might even keep it around to look back on years down the road!

photo (11)

As we enjoy making cards and know our moms love to receive them, Katie and I got together with a friend this Sunday after church and spent the afternoon creating one of a kind cards for our moms and grandmas!  As you can see, between the three of us, we had quite a bit of supplies to work with, as we made our cards!  So, whatever your style is: whether you draw, paint or wish you could, don’t pass up the chance to get your creative cap on and show your mom how much you love her!

photo (8)

Now, if none of those ideas struck your fancy, then let me share a couple of great ideas I found on my “great” internet search (aka spending time on Pinterest with my sister)!  Most women love flowers and I bet your mom, like mine, is no exception!  Now, many people will undoubtedly buy cut flowers, that within a week, will fade.  Because of this, and my mom’s love of gardening, for many years we have given mom flowers to plant in her garden.  If they are perrenials, they become a yearly reminder of a special day spent as a family.

photo (14)

Another unique flower idea, is to grow a bulb in a vase.  One year, our family got this awesome vase that you put tulip bulbs in and because it was clear and all you added was water, we could observe the flower in every stage of it’s growth.  For a couple years, each spring, our family enjoyed watching tulips grow in this special vase.  Because of this, I particularly loved this idea from a blog in Swedish with instructuions on how to grow daffodils in brightly painted jars!  Despite the language difference, my computer easily translated the blog, which I found was full of great ideas besides this one and I would encourage you to check it out!

Another garden themed gift I thought was a great idea was this herb garden kitcomplete with an adorable, mini watering can!


By now you have probably caught on that I have a lot of flower ideas and this next one is no exception!  These rainbow colored roses are actually not that hard to make and besides being a great project that I know my younger brothers would like helping with, it could potentially double as your day’s science lesson (for those home schoolers out there).

Beautiful Rainbow Roses

For my next idea, I found a cell phone cover with none other than… flowers inside it!

The last thing I found, were print outs of mothers and children that I thought would either make a great coloring project for younger kiddos or they could also be incorporated into those homemade cards you are going to make!

I hope you have been inspired to do something special to show your mama how much you love her!  Have a wonderful week and whether you do something big or small, make sure you let your mom know she is loved this Sunday and whenever else you get the chance!

Blessed With A Wonderful Mama,


Proverbs 31:28

“Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her:”


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