Put On Your Mucking Boots

Our Chicks are Hatching!

I suppose I have always loved birds, so it is not hard to imagine that yes they have always been on my list of favorite animals.  From admiring duckling in the park to watching goslings grow up in our neighborhood to watching Red Breasted Robins  hatch a brood of chick in our back yard, birds and their chicks have had my attention.  The second spring we lived on our four acres I put a clutch of duck eggs under a broody hen and hatched four ducklings.  This to my mothers dismay since she had told us that we were not going to buy any ducklings that year.  But hey she never said I couldn’t hatch them!

This spring I have been busy working on building a cabinet incubator but impatient and ready for chick I let one of our broody hens sit on a clutch of eggs.  Eagerly we have been watching and waiting for chicks to hatch.  A bit over a week ago we started candling the eggs and were delighted to see the forms of chicks growing inside the eggs.  Knowing they would be hatching soon we started keeping a closer eye on mama hen.

Just this Sunday as they family was in the final rush to get out the door for church Matthew and Kyle burst into the house to announce that the chicks were hatching!  After days of setting and guarding her eggs the mama hens perseverance had payed off with the arrival of fluffy little chicks!  Needless to say we have been enjoying sitting and watching the mama hen look after her little ones and look forward to watching them grow up.

Off To Look After My Birdies,


Photo: This is my mama hen and her newly hatched brood of chicks!  So far she hatched 4 of them and we introduced 3 for a total of 7 chicks!


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