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Review of Math Rider

“There we were, galloping across foreign lands in search of adventure on our noble steed…conquering, rescuing, stepping up to the challenge before us!”  This may sound like an adventure novel, but in fact, it’s a math drill.  Being a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew has opened my eyes to a plethora of material out there, that I had never heard of.  I recently had the chance to review Math Rider!  Math Rider is a downloadable math game that helps students master the basic math facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division from 1 to 12: the very foundation of math.

Now, I have never been big on math drill sheets.  They always look tedious and uninteresting to me.  But Math Rider has taken math drills and turned them into a really fun game.  Each student signs in as a “Rider” and sets out on a quest aboard their horse “Shadow” across colorful moving lands.  The “Rider” has a quest which varies from collecting flowers, making it over jumps, returning gems to elves and even the rescue of a princess.  The game allows for multiple “Riders” and has made it easy for the child to log in on their own.  I left the Math Rider icon on my desktop which made this an independent activity for even my youngest.

2013-04-22 19.31.51

One of the most amazing parts of Math Rider is that it responds directly to the student.  For example, when my 7 year old first began on the easy addition quest, the math facts were coming too quickly for him to compute and enter his answer.  The game is set up to recognize this and slow down the pace at which the math facts are presented.  It is automated to respond to each “Rider” in this manner.  The sound effects and animation are all a part of this automation.

2013-04-22 19.32.28

Often, you find a game that works for your child, but it moves too fast for them and then they become frustrated…NOT SO with Math Rider.  After the child completes a quest, they are shown their progress on a map and then they can see how long the quest took them and how many questions they answered correctly right at the top of the screen.  They can see exactly how far they have come and how far they have to go!  At the end of a quest, the “Rider” receives a reward which varies based on how well they answered the questions.  This gives them something to strive for.

2013-04-22 19.38.42

Math Rider also takes into account that an older student who is working in multiplication and division can do so while reviewing addition and subtraction facts that may not be as ingrained as they need to be.  This was a great feature for my 4th grade son.  He could even view the statistics generated off of his play, to see where he had achieved mastery and what he still needed to work on.

multiplication statistics

They are able to see how long the quest took, how many obstacles they cleared and how many more they have to go.

 2013-04-22 19.35.30

I used Math Rider daily as part of my 2 sons independent work that they do before I sit down with them.  It was part review and part warm up at the same time.  My youngest set the timer and played for 7 minutes, while my older son played for 9 minutes.  They enjoyed it so much, that they would often ignore the timer and continue their quest!  I though that this was a spectacular way to get those math drills in using an interesting computer game to do so.

2013-04-22 19.34.03

Math Rider can be purchased for $47 directly from the vendor, at which point you will receive an instant download that operates in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux environments.  With this purchase, you receive lifetime updates to “Math Rider.”  They are even interested in ways that you think they could improve the game so that they can continue to make it better.  With your purchase, you have a “30 Day Risk Free Guarantee.”  If you just want to try it out for yourself first, you can sign up for a FREE 7 day trial on the home page of Math Rider.  I bet you will like this game as much as we did and want to purchase it yourself.  If so, let them know you heard about the product from me TOS (This Old Schoolhouse) review…please♥

~Galloping Along in Math~


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