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Review of Knowledge Quest’s “Sacagawea” Interactive E-Book

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As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I recently had the opportunity to use my very first interactive e-book with my kids.  This book 16 chapter e-book was published by Knowledge Quest and is the story of “Sacagawea: Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know”  by Karla Akins.

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I had never used an interactive e-book so I was very excited about this.   This book told the story of Sacagawea, a Shoshone girl,  of the early 1800’s.  We followed her life as she and her sister were kidnapped by another tribe which made them slaves and then forced them to be wives.   Her story continues with a meeting of Lewis and Clark, who realize that she would make an excellent guide on their journey west, and thus the details of her travels (alongside her husband and baby son) with the Corps of Discovery.

Throughout the online book, Knowledge Quest provides embedded links that allow the students to click through to a new site for information on specific items, events, places and people in the story: prairie dogs, Corps of Discovery, Cottonwood Trees, dugout canoes (this was actually a link to video where we got to watch a man digging out a log to make a canoe), Shoshone Indians, Fort Mandan, detailed maps…  The list is long and the links bring the story to life in a very vivid way. You are actually researching as you read and stepping into the life and times of Sacagawea.

We used this as a read aloud 3 to 4 times a week as an added bonus to our study of Lewis and Clark.  The suggested age for this book is 10 and up, but with me reading it aloud, my 2nd and 4th grade sons really enjoyed it.  In fact, it was sometimes difficult to get a lot of reading in, as we enjoyed the large number of links available throughout the story.   Knowledge Quest is a company offers maps, timelines, books, mobile apps and classes in order to help you teach geography and history.  In fact I just signed up for a free ebook called Globalmania the is a 1 year geography program that you can have access to also by going to knowledgequestmaps.com.   The Sacagawea e-book was originally written in 4 parts, but can now be purchased in it’s entirety for $3.99 through Amazon.

If you are looking for a way to bring history to life, Knowledge Quest has the answers in their interactive e-books.  This was a fun, yet very educational way of learning of a very famous historical figure, Sacagawea.    I would encourage you to give it a try, especially for only $3.99!  You can even preview the first chapter if you are still not convinced!

~Happily Digging Deeper into the Life of Sacagawea~


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