Odds and Ends

A Woman’s Beauty…She Rarely Claims

Why do we see ourselves so much more critically than others do?  I think that we, as females, often view ourselves much more harshly than others around us.  I know, that is I put myself down looks wise, my children always come back telling me I am beautiful.  I think to myself, well..everyone thinks their mama is beautiful.  Take the time to watch the video by clicking on the first sentence.  It is a comparison of how women described themselves to an FBI sketch artist compared to how others viewed them.  The differences are amazing…thoughtful…and make you feel a little sad.  Yet at the same time, made me stop and think about the way I view myself?

I look at my daughters and my heart is squeezed by the beauty that emanates from the inside out.  I look at my sisters and see the beauty shining from their mama faces.  All of my friends…pretty through and through.  Why is it so hard to look in the mirror and see a reflection of beauty?  Maybe it is time for us all to be a little more gentle with ourselves…a little more understanding.  After all, He made us in His very own image!

Psalm 139:13

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Let’s Claim The Beauty the Lord Gave Us,

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