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The Music of Spring

It’s that time of year where your senses long for the smell of roses basking in the sun, the sound of the neighborhoods children laughing and running around past eight and the refreshing taste of a cooling glass of lemonade or iced tea.  Yet although April you know that you must go a couple months before summer appears in her full beauty.  Despite this, the exciting urge to plant seeds in rich earth starts to invade and the count begins as to when the sprouts will be safe from frosts.  The urge doesn’t stop with just the garden or even myself as I wake up one morning to discover that that daffodils have silently, yet courageously, sprung forth and realize the powerful winter is losing her strength.

photo (1)

Hope of new life is in the air, as the nipping cold turns to a gentle shiver, as the weeks leading up to Easter reminded us of the life given for all.  As the day dawns, sermons are preached and hearts reminded of the One who gave it all so that we may one day join Him in paradise.  As little girls twirl in pretty dresses designed for warmer weather, they hope that soon all their clothes will be this brightly colored and layers and coats will be forgotten for a few blissful months.


Despite the still frosty windows each morning, the early stages of life begin to spring forth, confident their defiance against winter will eventually lead to it’s demise.  As confidence mounts, the bird start returning to build their nests and baby animals become welcome sightings in my days.  Surely those long summer days are more than just faded memories!

photo (2)

Just yesterday Katie and I (Megan) had the privileged of witnessing the birth of two lambs on our friend’s farm.  Gathered around in the dim light of the barn, excitedly, we all waited daring only to talk softly and sparingly as the importance of the moment captivated us.  Peacefully, as we all looked on, a new life entered the world in the form of a five pound, brown, curly haired little ram.  As the attentive mother attended her new baby, shortly after she gave birth to a second lamb that surprised us all because she was so small at only 1.48 pounds.  Because she was so small much effort went into getting the little girl going and the decision was made to bottle feed her to give her the best chance at life.

Just as the daffodils courageously blossomed, the little lamb, despite fears, quickly put them to rest with her tenacity and will to live, as she went from eating from an eye dropper to trying to stand on her wobbly legs.  Just 11 inches long to be kept warm, the little lamb was clothed in a sock that was trimmed down to her size.  Through the next couple of hours as we all prayed for her to make it, she began to grow in strength.  As of now she will be fed every 30 minutes and cared for 24/7.  So far she is doing well and will be given the best care possible and chance of making it.

While in the barn, we also got to meet the first two lambs that had been born a few days earlier, Melody and Harmony.  In keeping with the musical theme, the ram was named Presto and the ewe Sonatina.  Since the lambs have started to arrive at “Mountain Song Meadows,” the music of spring, in the form of the bleats of lambs and the calls of concerned mamas, can now be heard.

With signs of new life and the promise of summer just around the corner,  I gleefully enjoy finding each new sign of life from the fields recently turned green to the reminder of God’s care as each new lamb is born into the world.  So, as you go about your week, remember to keep a look out for all the little joys and blessings that come along with the changing season and warming weather!

Contentedly Observing God’s Spring Blessings,



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