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Review of “Journey Through Learning” with the Knights and Castles Lapbook & Study Guide

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I love hands on learning!  I love lapbooking!  So when we were asked by the Schoolhouse Review Crew to review a lapbook by “A Journey Through Learning” I was thrilled.  I have done lapbooks with all of my 4 children.  BUT I don’t do them as often as I would like to because I just don’t have the time.  Collecting supplies, getting books checked out from the library, creating the items to put inside the lapbook…that just takes too much work for this busy mama.  That is exactly why I have fallen in LOVE with “A Journey Through Learning!”  We had the opportunity to do our unit study “Knights & Castles” thanks to the lapbook download I received.

Knights and Castles Lapbook with Study Guide

We had just finished our study of Ancient History.  So “Knights and Castles” was a perfect fit for our next project, as it began with the fall of Rome and went through the middle ages.  It was written for 2-7 grade students, so my 2nd & 4th graders were a perfect match for this project.  We had all enjoyed our previous history curriculum, but learning history through lapbooking is a lot more fun, creative and hands on.  I did this with my two sons, 7 & 9 years old.  So of course they were delighted by the weapons, battling, armor and such.  As the oldest daughter of 3 girls and a mama to my 16 year old twins the first time around, I still occasionally find myself  shocked by the antics of boys.  Let me tell you, this whole wrestling thing was all together a whole new experience for this girly girl.  I must admit, they enjoyed illustrating the battle scenes more I ever thought imaginable, as you can see by the detailed picture below.  And how animated they were when describing these scenes depicting the Dark and Middle Ages…  And they look so sweet!   But I digress….

2013-03-22 12.40.11 2013-04-01 13.21.39

Three times a week for our history lesson all I had to do was pull up the download for “Knights & Castles,” print out that day’s activity and read the information provided to me!  It was so easy and my boys enjoyed it immensely!  It was all there for me.  There were suggestions for books that would give us more information, but they weren’t necessary.  If we wanted more information, we just hopped on the computer.  We found pictures of the various weapons, chain mail and armor of Medieval knights that brought it to life for my boys.  This study guide, which was written by Michelle Miller the author of TruthQuest History, is also written from a Christian perspective which made it all the more useful in our daily lives.  After reading the information from the Study Guide, there was a project to do and then glue into the lapbooks.  The very first day they cut out pictures of themselves and glued them under the title “Made in His image.”  We connected the chivalry of knights to our Christian walk as we too our called to protect others and help those in need.  My boys loved learning what it took to become a knight from a Page then a Squire until finally Knighthood was attained.  Exploring castles along the way was always exciting.

2013-04-03 11.15.28

A Journey Through Learning” was created by two homeschool moms, Nancy & Paula, who desired more hands on activities for their own children.  This company has grown such that now they have a team of writers working for them.   They have managed to keep the costs at an affordable rate:the downloadable version is $13 and the print version is $21 for the “Knights & Castle” lapbook.  We also received the “The Earth” lap book and study guide for 1st through 4th graders which can be downloaded for $13 as well or purchased in print for $21 and the unit study (which is done more as a notebook)  “Astronomy and Space” for 2nd through 7th graders which can purchased for the same amounts listed previously.  We are very excited to do both of these projects in our home school!

Astronomy and Space Unit Study with Study GuideThe Earth Lapbook with Study Guide

The website for “A Journey Through Learning” offers a wide variety of lapbooks and unit studies for early learners, elementary students, for history, science, math, literature, Bible and much more.  I looked through the list for science and because the study guides are chock full of material, I think I will use “A Journey Through Learning” as the basis for our science studies next year.  I especially like that the only extra materials needed are things most homes already have:scissors, glue, pencil, colored pencils or pens and a manilla folder!  This is how you make learning fun for the kids, easy for the mama and memorable in our home!  The affordable (at least to me) price is definitely worth it for all you get!  I highly encourage you to try at least 1 and they do have some “Express Lapbooks” for only $1!

2013-04-01 12.48.53

Happy to Have Been Able to Add Lapbooking Back into Our Lives!


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