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Spring Nests for your “Peeps”

When I was fresh out of college and just beginning to teach in a Kindergarten and 1st grade classroom, I saw these “Peep Nests” and made them to give to my students on the day before Spring Break.  They loved them and I thought they were definitely one of the cutest “bird’s nests” I had ever seen!

2013-03-31 16.49.37

So as soon as my twin daughters were born, we began making these cute nests for our Easter gatherings, to take to Easter potlucks at church or when we gathered with friends for Easter festivities.  Kids always love them and adults (well, actually the moms) think they are adorable.  This weekend we were just getting home from a week long trip on Saturday.  We had not made our “Peep Nests.”  My very traditional 16 year old daughter, Katie, insisted we really needed to make them for Easter dinner at a friend’s home.  So, after church we rambled through the ravaged Easter aisles at our local Wally World and finally found what we needed, except for the jelly beans.  (Luckily I came up with a substitution:colorful “Mike and Ike’s candies).  We left with Rice Krispies (Gluten Free for our family), marshmallows and coconut, plus the Mike and Ike’s in place of jelly beans.

When we arrived home, as I was making lunch, sweet Katie immediately got to work with her two younger brothers.  She whipped up a batch of Rice Krispie Treats and had her brothers shape them into bird nests.  Then she put some coconut in a bag with a few drops of green food coloring and let them shake away to make the “grass” for the nests.  A few colorful candies were placed in each nest and then the crowning glory, a cute little Peep!  Voila!  Katie had made sure we continued this tradition and the smiles were abounding as we topped the last nest with it’s very own Peep!

~Here’s to Family Traditions, Big & Small~


2013-03-31 16.49.23


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