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An Afternoon Stroll Through A Downtown Art Museum

Today Katie and I had the delightful experience of going to an art museum together.  You see, we are visiting  our cousins, so while our two brothers, Matthew and Kyle, and our cousins, Jake and Ryan, went to the zoo with our moms,  we decided to check out the art museum.  When we got to the museum, we found there were three floors of exhibits to check out and started off on the second.

photo (28)

Strolling through the different galleries, we got to see art from Africa, Europe  and Asia.  We saw masks and instruments from Africa that made one take a journey to places across the world where people dress in costumes and masks while dancing to music played on their beautiful instruments that you are not likely to find at the orchestra, but non- the-less surely fill the air with rich beauty.

Next, we wandered through galleries portraying events in history through paintings, pamphlets and newspaper articles, all melded together to take you back and make you feel the charged emotions of times gone by.  Moving on, we walked through rooms filled with contemporary, abstract art that threw you off your rhythm as you marveled at the precise and intricate pen strokes, bold and daring brush strokes and the hidden anomalies of unexpected mediums and techniques, that resembled nothing, yet depicted the vast uncharted territory of the individual artist’s imagination.

photo (20) photo (22)

Later on we haunted the old mansion that was part of the museum.  It was filled with the painted portraits that the prominent and well to do people used, to save their likenesses.  So very different, compared to our times, where we so casually snap pictures for our friends and family to see around the world in a matter of seconds.  Who were these people?  What secrets were left purposefully unseen to the beholder of the portrait?  What qualities did the sitter have the artist magnify in the depiction?

photo (17)

In a ballroom, with a large ceiling and beautiful wooden floors, you could almost hear the gay music and laughter as ladies in beautiful gowns got twirled around by young men dressed in their finest coats and manners.  In this ballroom, Katie and I easily imagined ourselves back in the days of grand parties standing amidst the young girls who had longed for an invitation to such an occasion.  So enraptured were we by this feeling, we succumbed to the urge and once checking to make sure we were indeed alone, we joined the gaiety of the grand spring ball and waltzed among the fine guests who must have been there centuries ago.

photo (18)

Feet light, we continued our tour of the grand house, whilst gazing at beautiful paintings in quaint villages where chivalry reigned and remote mountainsides where the hearts of maidens where won.  Going from room to room, we encountered fine porcelain that would have been fit for the use of serving the hungry guests after dancing.  Mounting the right side of a grand wooden double staircase, we marveled at the fine carving and intricate details of the finely crafted wood.

photo (12)

Traveling from Europe to Asia in a matter of steps, we saw armor for the well trained warrior and the silver articles you can imagine he would have brought back to the women dressed in shirts with long flowing sleeves.   Progressing on, we encountered many different lands and the works their minds conceived and hands brought forth.  Using many different shapes, sizes and techniques, we entered rooms and were greeted by pottery created all over this globe we share.

photo (24)

Through our journey, we met and viewed many times and ages and the people whose creativity, influence and perspective still capture our thoughts and attention today.  Leaving the museum, we were challenged by some, enlightened by others and taken into the drama of others through captivating stories captured in what is called art.  Everything was linked by this common bond of creativity and fearlessness, yet beyond this they were completely unique and distinct in this expression we have named art.  Left with admiration and inspiration, I hope we can all remember to add a bit of the creativity and expression found at the museum, into our everyday lives.

With Thoughts Provoked, That I Must Ponder,



2 thoughts on “An Afternoon Stroll Through A Downtown Art Museum

  1. Excellent! Such grand description! I felt like I was right along on this adventure with you – great use of language to make us feel and see right along with you.

    Left with admiration and inspiration, Mrs. Klein

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