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Four Time Traveling Enthusiasts

I don’t know about you, but when I was little if you had asked me about time travel I could have told you about many time traveling adventures I had been on!  You see, my sister Katie and two friends, Grace and Cassie, were accomplished time travelers as only young kids can be!  You see, adults have been trying to conjure up ways to travel through time and  although they try, they never have yet reported on finding out how.  Not true for kids though!  Oh, they don’t need a time machine or some theory of time from an Einstein, dear no!


You see, there is this magical age adults have forgotten about that only kids between the age of birth to about 13 can experience.   During this magical age, kids are enabled hours of time travel during their waking hours (and oh yes, in between their peanut butter and jellies sandwiches of course).  Unconstrained by the awareness of limited time, deadlines, seasons, months and years and unaware of the possibility of looking silly or foolish, kids are able to magically travel to all different places.  Dugout houses on farm claims out on the prairie, traveling the Oregon Trail and forging rivers, dangerous missions through dark forests to warn Patriots of advancing Redcoats during the Revolutionary War or tea parties with Victorian ladies when the use of calling cards was a vital aspect of one’s social life, are among the many times and places we traveled to!


When we were younger, travailing through time was one of our favorite things to do.  Our bunk beds became covered wagons and our stick horses, as well as rocking horses, became our noble steads.  Yet, even as we grew older and our travels became farther apart and even when the magic of time travel had finally left us, we still never lost our love for times gone by.  As we have grown older, we have still held on to our love for time travel and though unable to travel in time like we used to, we have continued dressing up in costumes from times gone by and participating in endeavors form the past.

The road you see behind us are ruts made by wagons and is the actual Oregon Trail!
The road you see behind us are ruts made by wagons and is the actual Oregon Trail in Baker City, Oregon!

One of our favorite things to dress up for is the Homeschool Historical Balls where we get to don our best historical dresses and go to balls with around 200 other history enthusiasts.  All clothed in historical costumes, we dance the Virginia Reel and the Post Jig amongst others, as we dance late into the night.  If you have ever watched “Gone With The Wind” you can imagine our balls, as they are similar to the dancing scenes in that movie.

One thing we all have thought would be fun is historical reenactment and finally one of us has been able to do this.  You see, at the High Desert Museum they do historical reenactments and Cassie, as a volunteer at the museum, as been portraying a homesteader’s daughter at the museum for their living history portrayals.  Recently, I got to go see her while she was playing her part down at the homestead!

photo (12)

Thus, while we no longer travel as frequently through time, the urge to see what times gone by are like and to help others experience it as well, has never been lost on us.  Whether we are dancing Civil War dances while teaching others, sewing Colonial dresses, re-enacting history, doing old fashioned things or lecturing each other on historical events at midnight when we have sleepovers, you have four friends that will always have an enthusiasm for time travel and times gone by.

photo (11)

An Old Fashioned Girl Through and Through,



6 thoughts on “Four Time Traveling Enthusiasts

  1. Love all of the period costumes. My oldest loves sewing that kind of thing! She is taking a costuming class currently and has learned so much. Glad you all have somewhere to participate in this kind of event…what fun!

    1. We made quite a few of those costumes although the ones when we were younger were made by our grandma when she was teaching us to sew. Also the ones our friends are wearing in these picture were not ones we made them.

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