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Remember to Wait for the Smiley Faces :)

It was Sunday morning.  I know many of you moms will understand the rush to get everyone fed, tidy the kitchen, lay out “church clothes” (that hopefully do not need ironing), get yourself ready and then get everyone in the car with their Bibles so  that you are not late!  Well, this particular morning, everyone needed showers.  That in and of itself is a whole new issue.  Think 2 showers, 5 people.  Two of them teenage girls with really long hair.  I found that the youngest little guy of the house, at 7, had been sent to the back of the shower line.  He sweetly came in and asked if he could use my shower.  Now with only about 30 minutes left for myself, I said “okay, but be really quick, mama needs to get her shower still.”  I mean he’s a boy with short hair.

I forgot that mama’s shower is a whole different experience.  After washing his hair he asked if he could use some of the stuff that makes his hair soft, aka my conditioner.  I mean who can turn down soft hair?  “Okay, but just use a little bit and be super fast.”  He is one of my quickest kids after all.  Okay, soft hair accomplished, “alright buddy, turn off the water and get out…quickly…I don’t have much time left.”  “Okay mom, I just have to rinse off that soap that makes you smell really good” (my special shower gel is what he means).  By this time I am doing the hurry up dance.  I toss a towel over the door to him thinking he will open that door any minute smelling little boy sweet with lovely soft blond hair.  Then I hear the squeak of fingertips on a wet glass door.  What is he possibly doing?  I am going to have to go to church with wet hair!  (Now, I have wondered what people would say if I just showed up in my bathrobe with bed head because I had been so busy getting everyone else ready.   Seriously, it would be so funny.  What would people say?  Well, when I suggest this to my teenage daughters, they assure me that THEY will not think it is funny and neither would anyone else.  Seriously, what mom wouldn’t get THAT predicament?  But I digress.)

FINALLY the door opens and out he hops as he saunters off sopping wet even though he does indeed have a towel wrapped around himself.  I mean, who really uses a towel to dry off?  Okay, it’s finally MY turn.  I can do this and be on time.  I am a mom after all and can get ready at lightening speed.  I get in, shut the door and my heart melts.  That squeaky little wet finger on a glass door has left behind for his mama a smiley face.  A great big smiley face reminding me that I am so thankful I did not lose my patience and miss the smiley face.  Will anyone ever leave me a smiley face on the shower door again (I mean usually we wipe it down before we get out)? Will my little guy ever leave me a smiley face on the shower door again?  They grow up so fast.  We mama’s all know that, well, except for maybe the newer mama’s with toddlers and babies.  (That period seems to go soooo slow, but looking back you will see it was over in the blink of a mama eye.)

That smiley face made my day.  I was so incredibly grateful I did not miss the smiley face that Sunday morning and pray that I will always have the patience to not be in such a hurry that I miss the smiley faces of life before they go off and make their own lives!

~With a Smiling Heart~



7 thoughts on “Remember to Wait for the Smiley Faces :)

  1. Well, I for one would have loved to see you arrive in your bathrobe! 😉 Seriously, though, sweet story! What a sweetie!!

  2. That is what I’ve loved about you all along as a parent…you have been very patient and aware of the smiley faces and beautiful things in life and our children.
    I love you Kerry!

  3. Precious . . . 100% precious. Should be printed in a magazine for even more readers to benefit from. This, indeed, is the essence of motherhood. -Jodi

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