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Ways to Encourage Your Siblings or Any Family Member For That Matter!

Hello there!  Sometimes I find it can be so easy to get into a schedule and to be so intent on getting from point A to point B, that I forget to do little things that let my siblings know that I love and care about them.  Unknowingly, my sister Katie and I both did something simple last night to let our little brothers know we were praying for them and loved them.   I wanted to share these ideas with you, in hopes that this coming week you will find some way to say “I love you” to someone in your family.

You see, this morning they both headed off to a Bible Quizzing quiz meet which they have been studying for for weeks.  They have been working hard at learning about the book of Acts, as well as each memorizing 20 bible verses throughout the year and when they woke up in the morning we wanted to send them off to the quiz meet with  a little encouragement.  As well as to let them know we would be praying for them all afternoon.

photo (6)

One way we like to encourage each other in our house is to leave notes on the bathroom mirror for each other to discover.  This is a very simple thing to do because all you need is a dry erase marker and your ready to leave encouraging notes for family members all over the house.  From experience, I’ll let you know that it is just delightful to wake up in the morning to find an encouraging note or in some cases drawings left on your mirror by a thoughtful sibling.

photo (17)

While my sister Katie likes to leave notes with lots of exclamation points, my brother Matthew leaves funny drawing that make us all laugh.  One day we discovered a different mustache for each day of the week.  Provided you positioned your face right and closed one eye you could then be “wearing” one!  Talk about fun and creative.

photo (7)

Now on to the even more creative idea my sister came up with to encourage our younger brothers!  Not satisfied with a simple letter and afraid they might overlook it in the rush to get out the door in the morning, she took the envelope, put two pieces of string on it and attached it to the door frame so that it hung down on the doorway.  That way when they opened their door in the morning they would find a cleverly delivered letter waiting for them!

photo (8)

I just love the idea of random acts of kindness.  It not only brightens the day of the recipient of the kindness, but also that of the person doing the kindness.  So I encourage you to take the time and do something to encourage a family member.  Whether you leave a note on a mirror like I did or find a creative way to leave an encouraging letter like my sister Katie did; be it big or small, I hope you find the joy it brings to your house when you let a family member know that you care and are willing to take the time to let them know!

photo (16)

With Encouragement to Spread,




4 thoughts on “Ways to Encourage Your Siblings or Any Family Member For That Matter!

  1. I like those ideas, Megan! My dad and I used to write each other letters in code. Mommy kind of used your mirror idea, except instead of a dry erase marker, she put lots of lipstick on and kissed the mirror a bunch of times, and then used the lipstick to write “I love you!” on the mirror. I like the idea of hanging the message from the door!

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