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Nature Study for the Cold Winter Months

2013-01-30 15.42.09

I love studying nature, learning about nature, sketching nature and sharing nature with my children…but on warm sunny days.  So, living in an area where we have months of cold weather, I sometimes have to come up with alternatives for our nature studies.  So, the boys and I decided to visit a new tropical fish store on our little town…the ONLY fish store in our little town, I might add.  Unless you count the fish aisle at Wally World, which they beg to go down if we get within even 10 aisles.

So, we spent about an hour perusing the 4 aisles of the “Tropical Oasis.”  Honestly, I could have been done after about 10 minutes, but my boys (7 & 9) were enthralled.  They were overjoyed at the colorful, unique and beautiful tropical fish.  I must say, I gained enthusiasm as the minutes passed and their excitement grew. Noses pressed to glass, pointing out new discoveries amidst water plants, I stopped and realized that if one looks hard enough, there are treasures to behold.

2013-01-30 15.47.592013-01-30 15.40.54

I began to get caught up in their excitement, searching for my own discoveries, “Hey boys, come look at this one!  It’s bright pink.  Seriously, a bright pink fish!  And that plant has neon, glowing tips!”  Their adventurous and childlike exhilaration had taken hold of me too!  What a lesson I had learned.  If I too, took the time to slow down and really look…I mean really look at something I would often just walk past.  Look with a childlike faith expecting the amazing, I would indeed find it!  Thank you boys for teaching me something inside a small little stored filled with examples of God’s diverse underwater creations!  We each chose our favorite fish and water plant and then took a picture so that we could go home and sketch it in our Nature Notebooks and do a little research.

2013-01-30 15.40.122013-02-08 11.39.332013-02-08 11.38.14

If you are feeling cooped up and need a little nature, I encourage you to try this activity.  I had to promise a slice of pizza for the shop next door to get them to leave.

2013-02-08 11.37.512013-02-08 11.40.14

~Happy Nature Study…From Indoors~



6 thoughts on “Nature Study for the Cold Winter Months

  1. I was afraid you would caught up and get a big fish tank!!!!! haha 4 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 100 chickens, and 4 fish just what you need. Kerry I loved this post from you so uplifting and sweet.

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