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The Crew Reviews for “Flowering Baby”~A New Curriculum for the “Littles” in Your Life

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For the past few weeks the Review Crew has had the wonderful opportunity to review a relatively new curriculum for the little kids in your life, called Flowering Baby.

Flowering Baby takes a whole child developmental approach to learning for children from birth through age five. During the pivotal early years Flowering Baby strives to provide an academically and cognitively rigorous program, while still being fun and interactive. Using this curriculum will help your child to develop his  language, social, cognitive, gross and fine motor, emotional and self-help skills. Created to be studied by year and then also broken down by month you can jump into the program any time, in any given year or developmental stage. Programs include:


Birth to One ~ Infants are very busy learning all the time and it only takes a few minutes a day to increase that learning even more. We have developed a program where you will work with your baby at least twenty minutes a day for twenty or more days a month on specific skills.


One to Two ~ As your baby becomes a toddler and learns to walk an entirely new world opens up. This year is about great exploration. He will discover to sit up, pull up, walk, run and maybe even kick a ball. He will work on directional tasks, experience paint and Play-doh, find out about dozens of new tastes and best of all realize he is capable of doing many tasks himself.


Two to Three ~ This year your child will continue his learning of the physical world, your family and his capabilities. Coupled with all of that he will begin to learn more traditionally academic tools as well: how to sing the ABC song, count, sing or recite nursery rhymes, shapes and colors and he will continue to get his hands dirty with paint and Play-doh. You will perform simple science experiments, play in the dirt, and use your imagination to take a plain cardboard box and create a space ship or a castle. He will learn to count in Spanish, learn to cut and hold a crayon, listen to a wide variety of music and enjoy countless books. What a wonderful and fun-filled year.


Three to Four ~ At the age of three our curriculum changes somewhat. We now have two parts, a daily general education guide and the theme studies. The general guide includes math, language, science, physical, self-help and such. your child will work on recognizing letters and their sounds, counting by one’s and two’s and in Spanish, shapes, colors, and patterns. Your child will learn about community helpers, safety issues, expand his self-help abilities, read, sing and listen to music. Children this age are very active so we have included many physical activities to get him moving. He will discover many new things: magnets, cooking and nutrition, playing more advanced games, and additional social skills.


Four to Five ~ Using the general guide you will help your child learn more advanced language and math skills. He will strive to recognize, write and sound out each letter of the alphabet. With the math skills you will work on counting to fifty, counting by two’s, and you will begin writing numbers. He will play board games, put puzzles together, use paint, Play-doh and numerous other supplies to increase and solidify his knowledge. We have included many physical activities because he still has tons of energy. There are lessons on self-help; your city, state and America; safety and community helpers. You will listen to a wide variety of music, read dozens of wonderful books, sing songs, learn about weather and celebrate many holidays. This is a magical year, enjoy sharing this great world with your child.

~ program descriptions taken from website

Year plans cost just $30 a piece for Birth to One, One to Two, and Two to Three. Year plans Three to Four and Four to Five cost $38 each or purchase all five year plans for $132 for a solid early foundation. Flowering Baby is designed for ease of use on the parents part, however, do not let the simplicity of the program fool you. Working with your child for just twenty to forty minutes a day on various skills you will see learning happening through each purposeful activity.


2 thoughts on “The Crew Reviews for “Flowering Baby”~A New Curriculum for the “Littles” in Your Life

  1. FYI – Just received the CD from Flowering Baby. They are so smart! They sent me a 159 page PDF for me to print at my convenience along with a business card and thank you note for my purchase. I am looking forward to using the curriculum with my two year twins. Thanks for the review! ~From one of my FB Followers~ Yay!

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