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♥Rough Start to a Monday Calls for a Heart Break♥

2013-02-11 13.17.35

What do you do when the days just has a frazzled feel to it and one or more of your kids are having an off day for no apparent reason?  Well, sometimes we just sit, snuggle, talk it out and pray for the day to get better.  Other days, weather permitting, I send my youngers outside to swing, ride their bikes or some such outdoor activity.  Occasionally, we will all hop in the car and go for a short drive to picturesque Smith Rock, just a stones throw away.  Even if it’s cold, sometimes the sun shining through the windows on our faces is all we need to be cheered.  Then there are the days I decide that an out of the ordinary schedule change is needed.

Well, that was today.  Megan wanted to bake cupcakes and so I excused both of my my boys (one quite unsettled) to go help in the kitchen.  After the cupcakes were mixed, baked and sprinkled everyone had a smile on there face as we sat down to lunch.  No, this wasn’t the schedule I had planned, but it was just the thing to go from heart break back to a smiling heart once again!   And Megan had cupcakes to take to the “costume ironing party” at church on the day before the first performance of “the Last Pirate of the Caribbean.”

2013-02-11 13.36.37

I would love to hear how you handle those days when things just aren’t going as plan and you need a diversion to get things back on course?  Please share your ideas…

2013-02-11 13.37.31

♥Here’s to my 4 Sweethearts♥



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