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Friendship, An Impromptu Tea Party and “Pride and Prejudice”

Today marks a special event in the history of our blog Old Fashioned Girls, for today we have our very first “guest blogger.”  I am happy to introduce a wonderful friend of mine, Gracie!  Gracie is a fun, enthusiastic and energetic person (one of her nick-names is the energizer bunny) with the ability to make you laugh and smile the whole day through.

Gracie has many talents and among them is writing and thus she has been wanting to give blogging a try for quite a spell.  Since I have started blogging, I have gotten into the habit of taking pictures with the blog in mind, so while I was spending the night with Gracie, she got in the spirit of taking pictures and was taking pictures for me to blog about.  This, in turn, inspired her to go beyond just taking  the pictures and actually writing the story behind them.   I hope you enjoy getting the chance to read her delightful writing below.

Enjoy the Treat Below,


P.S.  Go ahead and leave a comment to make Gracie feel welcomed and encouraged!


Friendship, An Impromptu Tea Party and Pride and Prejudice

Ah, friendship. That glorious thing that we have, even when we have nothing else. One of the best things about a friendship is the wonderful things we do when we get together, when we’re apart, or sometimes just to pass the time.

Cassie and Megan

This time, when Megan was over, we decided to have an impromptu tea party. Once we settled upon this decision, we set about getting equipped for this special occasion. We got some lovely china teacups, a pot to fill with Pomegranate Cherry tea (which was quite scrumptious and I personally recommend for any tea party, even not being a huge fan of cherry), a matching sugar bowl (because we have to be coordinated, right?), Fig Newtons (because tea sandwiches weren’t promptly available), some lovely cloth napkins, and some of my mommy’s good dark chocolate just for the occasion.


So we were ready, and put everything on a tray and embarked downstairs to the computer to watch, a modern take on Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” in 5 minute vlog segments, which my dear sister Cassie and myself had recently got hooked on and decided to introduce to Megan.

We went through two pots of yummy tea and about 20 episodes and then drew ourselves away to go on to our next activity.


Looking Forward to Another Tea Party,



5 thoughts on “Friendship, An Impromptu Tea Party and “Pride and Prejudice”

  1. GRACIE!!! I didn’t know you wanted to blog 🙂 You’re such a wonderful writer! I can’t wait to see you again 🙂
    –Maddie, the lesser known younger sister of Brittany Peterson

  2. Gracie – I enjoyed reading about your tea. How fun! Of course, having read lots of your writing, I already knew you were a gifted writer. Sure do miss the Conant girls! Xo’s, Mrs. Klein

  3. Thank you everyone for all of the encouraging comments, and thank you Megan for letting me do this guest blog post! It was a blastie 🙂

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