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I have loved the shape of a heart for as long as I can remember.  Anything heart shaped catches my attention:dishes, bowls, food, pictures, vases, rugs, pillows, candles, wreaths, heart shaped pasta,  jewelry…  You get the picture.  Luckily I was married in the early 90’s when decorating with folk art was popular.  Oh, I had more heart shaped decorating objects than you can imagine.  I even got a heart shaped waffle iron as a wedding gift that I still use today. Did I mention we were married outdoors on the shore of a heart shaped pond?

Valentine’s Day (or Heart Day, as I like to call it) is always a lot of fun in our home.  I always try to serve an entire heart shaped, pink or red meal.  One time I made mini heart shaped, individual heart shaped meatloafs, pink mashed potatoes, heart shaped biscuits with red strawberry jam, a pink frosted heart shaped cake and a red fizzy drink with heart shaped ice cubes.  I try to do something different each year. It is just something I love doing for my family!  With February around the corner, I am beginning to think of hearts♥  I hope these images that I found doing a simple Google search, make you smile as much as they did me!

Happy Hearted,



5 thoughts on “I♥Hearts!

  1. I love all of your heart pictures and heart shaped food ideas. I am hoping that you will be visiting us on Happy Heart Day! It looks like I better start planning a “hearty” meal. I think we’ll try the heart shaped pizzas. Of course I’ll have to use your easy pizza dough recipe:) Thank you for all of your useful, inspiring, and uplifting posts. We love them!

  2. I was reminded that Val. Day is coming up when I was walking the aisles of Wal-mart yesterday and feeling like a heel because I have about zero creativity on these things. My parting thought on the subject was, “Well, I guess I can order the heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphys again this year . . .

    But now I see your cinnamon roll picture! My one claim-to-fame is my cinnamon rolls – and now I see that I can do them in hearts! Thank you, thank you! -Jodi

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