"Trust In The Lord"

The Fruit of This Day I did Not Expect

I woke up this Monday morning, feel refreshed from the weekend, invigorated from Sunday worship and Bible Study and feeling good that I had a whole day ahead of me for lessons.  I didn’t have to leave the house once.  Those are the days I look forward to.  I knew that at least for today I would be “a good homeschooling mom.”  That today at least, I would accomplish all of my goals.

I think that sometimes these are the days that require the most patience and perseverance ever.  Because it is often these days that don’t even come close to going as planned.  #4 has been sick for over a week now and came right in to my bedroom with the first words out of his mouth being, “I still feel horrible.”  We went through this last winter with him for about 2 months, as he showed quite a few symptoms of the girls’ illness, POTS.  But all of his symptoms went away and my happy go lucky, active boy was back.  Then we discovered that gluten was giving him stomach aches and headaches and that by removing gluten from his diet we solved all of those issues.  I was convinced that gluten and not POTS had been the culprit last winter.  So, as this illness has continued for 10 days, I am becoming increasingly concerned.  I emailed the girls doctor and asked whether he thought I should just take him to the pediatrician (for a virus hopefully) or if he thought I should bring him into his office.  Well, he wants to see him this week…. He was a very needing guy all day, feeling horrible and crawling to get around because standing up made him more dizzy.

Boy #3 feels his emotions very strongly.  We are beginning to see a connection between eating gluten and his emotions.  He noticed it first and said to me, “mom, I think I feel more angry when I eat gluten.”  And yes, last night, he passed up my gluten free biscuits for the fluffy white french bread that papa had brought to the table.  So we had tears galore over stubbed toes, math frustration, misunderstandings with boy #4 and a few other things.  Poor guy!

Girl 2 of 1 now needs my help teaching Algebra!!!!  I thought I was done with Algebra…ugh!!!  Why did we switch from Teaching Textbooks.  He explained every single problem and if you missed it, still gave a detailed explanation of how to solve it.  Now I am being asked to do such horrid tasks.  Algebra at 45….I am a literature, history, fine arts kind of gal that taught elementary school before kids for a reason…to avoid ever having to take a high school math course again.  How did this happen?  Oh yeah, I am the teacher of K through 12 now!  Luckily, Michael felt that I had had such a crazy day that he is sitting at the table. as we speak, doing Algebra with Megan!  Lucky me, lucky Megan!

Oh, hold on, Matthew has just come to get me because Kyle feels “a little sick…like throwing up.!  Yep, that’s my day for you.  I have felt like a ping pong ball and my 4 children have the paddles and are whacking at me all at once.  I’ll be back…hopefully tonight.

OK…boys have sickie bowls with explicit instructions to hit them if necessary and then call me.   Awwww the life of a mom.

But the worst part of the day has been seeing sweet Katie feeling so terrible all day that she couldn’t get out of bed, has only eaten 1 kiwi today, ran 2 liters of iv fluid, had to miss going to play rehearsal to start prepping for her role as a make  up artist which brought tears of frustration and sadness as she watched Megan drive away.  Then her migraine hit full force.  It has been 7 hours now and we cannot get her any relief from any of the medications we have. She is in such incredible pain and she is so nauseous even after taking medicine for both of these things, that I finally called her doctor and will most likely take her in for a migraine treatment tomorrow (when the boys were supposed to start Spanish class).  She has double doses of 4 different medications and no relief at all.  But the sweetness that melted my heart as Matthew insisted on gettng out of bed to go pray over Katie while he gently laid his hand upon her shoulder and then kissed her check gently as he whispered, “I love you Kiki.”

So you see, this day has looked nothing at all what I thought it would look like.  Isn’t that how it often goes though.  No matter how much we prepare and plan, we really are not in control.  The only constant we have is God.  We can beseech God to have the patience and perseverance needed for these days.  We can cry out to Him to heal our children.  We can stop and seek His reassurance that in the end it will all be okay.  We can call on Him to show us how to best help our children’s varied needs.  We can take time, even if it is just a few moments when life is crazy, to let His word encourage us and give us what we need for this day.  We can be examples to our children of how we rely on God to get through these days.  Because they too will have these types of days.  We have the privilege of using Christ as our model when things are tough and don’t go how we planned.  It is such a blessing to have these days and be surrounded by my kids and show them that He can help us remain calm, flexible, strong, patient and kind when the paddles are coming at you from all directions.  I have learned to communicate with them, so that when they notice a different tone in my voice, they will understand where it is coming from.  Right away, I told my girls I was having a tough day with the boys and explained why.  Little did I know that their needs would play such a major part of this ping pong game called “My Life on What was Supposed to be a Fulfilling and Fruitful Day,” and how the fruit of this day tasted sweeter than I ever imagined.

Walking With Him Every Step of the Day and Way, Or Else I would be Ever so Lost,



7 thoughts on “The Fruit of This Day I did Not Expect

  1. Wow, I can’t even come close to imagining having to go through these things. You are very courageous and loyal to your Master. -Jodi

  2. My dear friend-

    May the God of all hope fill you with joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Rom 15:13

    This has become my lifeline and prayer on “those days”. Tonight it’s my prayer for you, too.


    1. Thank you Cera! It was a tough night. I think Katie has the stomach flu. Weird, cuz she rarely leaves the house. But I am guessing her immune system is very low. Unfortunately it is causing a severe migraine. I also took Kyle to the doctor today…round 2 with him I guess.
      ♥Love, Kerry
      P.S. I cannot believe you are following our blog you crazy gal!

  3. Thank you for sharing your strength. I have a boy who has been sick for 3 days now. The nights have been the toughest part of our day. You remind me that I can not do it alone and that I must call upon the Lord for my strength. At night I have been singing “It Is Well In My Soul.” This hymn has taken away my anxiety as I reach for “the sickie bowl.” Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement once again. I’ll be praying for all of your children and for you too:)

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