"Trust In The Lord"


“Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again—rejoice!” – Philippians 4:4 (NLT) The Apostle Paul didn’t write these words from a comfortable office, a nice Starbucks, or in his recliner at home. He was in prison and awaiting trial for doing nothing more than the right thing – sharing his faith in Jesus. Given his circumstances – Paul had no reason in the world to be happy – yet he was. How is that possible? Because he understood a fundamental Biblical truth – that happiness is about in what is going on inside of you – not on what is going around you. It is based on choice – not circumstances. So, today, make a conscious decision of your will that – with God’s help – you are going to stay in faith, joy, peace, and hope – no matter what happens or anybody else does. When the washing machine breaks, that car cuts you off in traffic, things don’t work out the way you planned, your boss is unreasonable, or the raise doesn’t come through – remember – you can decide how you will think and respond. Ask yourself, “Is this really worth losing my joy over?”
I had to share this inspirational encouragement from my brother in law, Jim Hinton, who ministers down in San Diego!  He always has ways of encouraging many, just when we need it the most.  Thank you Pastor Brother in Law!
Encouragement Everlasting for Today and Always,

3 thoughts on “Rejoice!

  1. Kerry –

    Didn’t you tell me that your husband used to be a pastor? And his brother is a pastor, too?! That was a great quote! Yes, it is all about what’s inside and about our choices. Such a good reminder.

    Still hoping to snag you for lunch the next time I need to terp in Redmond. Will let you know when.

    Xo’s, Jodi

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