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Tea Time

It was that time of year again.  Christmas had come and gone and a new year had dawned and mom’s birthday was just around the corner.  Every year on our birthdays, mom always does something extra special.  She makes us our favorite food and does all sorts of special things for each of us.  One thing mom loves to do is throw us special birthday parties.  From Teddy Bear Tea Parties for us girls when we were younger, to Jungle Adventure Parties for the boys and anything else we could dream up.

Thus, this year, Katie and I decided that we wanted to do something extra special for mom.  Now, we try and do something special every year for her, but this year we wanted do something that would really spoil her like she does for us on our birthdays.  Now if you know our mom at all, you would know that she loves tea parties and that is precisely what we decided to do for her, throw her a tea party

The Mission:  Throw mom a tea party for her birthday!

Step One:  Come up with a plan.

To do this, Katie and I did what we do best, come up with spectacular ideas!  Now this spectacular plan consisted of the ingredients of two rather ambitious twins, flowers and the concept of mini.  You see, mom has always had a fondness for miniature things and thus we decided to role with that throughout the menu.

Step Two:  Invite the guests!

Coming up with the guest list, as it always is, was fun.  One useful tool for event planning is using Evite.  This is a website where you pick from a plethora of themes, add your guest emails and other important t information for them to know and then you send it off to their emails.  When they get it they can go to the website and click “yes”, “no” or “maybe.”  This makes is very easy, as a hostess, to keep track of who is coming and who isn’t and it is all kept in one handy place where there is a message board to exchange messages with your guests and answer any of their questions.  Check out this cute design we used for mom’s tea party.


Step Three:  Research (a.k.a. finding recipes)

With so many online resources, the ones I found most useful for tea party research were Pinterest and!  Here are some Pinterest boards I created in the process with ideas and recipes that I found useful or inspirational.

Step Four:  Come up with a more defined menu based on the above steps.

Course One:

Cranberry Scones with Lemon Curd


Clotted Cream


Course Two:


Cucumber, Chicken Salad and Tomato Basil Sandwiches



Course Three:

Corn Chowder served in a bread bowl with a Stuffed Mushrooms


and “Tomato Salad” on the side


Course Four:

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies and milk




G-Free Cheesecake with a Berry Sauce


Chocolate Mousse


Step Five:  Make a grocery list.

Grocery List

Five Lemons
Heavy Whipping Cream
Mini Cucumbers
Cream Cheese
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
Fresh Basil
15 Tomatoes
Mini chocolate Chips
Cream Cheese
Gluten Free Graham Crackers
1 Can Frozen Lemonade
1 Bag of Dorian Grey Tea
Gruyère Cheese

Step Six:  Take a couple days to think plans through at bed time.

This is an important step for any type of creation.  You see, there is nothing like thinking in the quiet of one’s bed to come up with spectacular ideas or ways to perfect or improve upon one’s ideas.

Step Seven:  Do our shopping (preferably a day or two before the tea).

Step Eight:  The day before, time to bake!

This is the day before.  We only had around 24 hours before the guests arrived.  This is the day we needed to do all of our baking and cooking that could be done ahead of time, because on the day of the tea we knew we would have plenty of other things to do!

Step Nine:  The Big Day!

This was it!  We only have a couple of hours before the guests arrived.  This was the time where we needed to set the table and assemble our food, such as the cucumber sandwiches.

Step Ten:  ENJOYING Friends’ Company!

By the time the guests had arrived, we had done all we could and it was time for mom to enjoy here friends’ company, as that is what the whole point of the tea party was in the first place!

Have Fun With Your Friends at Your Next Tea Party,



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