Gluten Free Recipes

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies (With the Option of Being Gluten Free)

It seems most any girl likes miniature things!  For me it started off when my sister and I were on the look out for small dishes and furniture for our dolls and of course dainty food for the tea parties our dolls would have with there miniature tea pots and tea cups set at there small table.  This love for miniature is not secluded to my sister and I as our mom also likes miniature things.  So for her tea party we decided to make miniature chocolate chip cookies with a small glass of milk to go with it.


All you have to do to make these miniature cookies is use mini chocolate chips (witch you can get at the store next to the normal chocolate chips) instead of the normal sized ones in your chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Then when you go to bake them you roll the cookie dough into marble sized balls.  Of course because they are smaller you will need to bake them for a lesser amount of time then you would for larger cookies.  When you plate them put them next to a small glass of milk.  We bought small plastic cups on for this specific purpose.  Enjoy this simple and fun spin on a classic desert!

Craving Warm Cookies From the Oven,


P.S.  Just use a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe to turn this into a gluten free desert!


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