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Dont Be a “Cotton Headed Ninimuggins” and Take The Elf Quiz

It’s that time of year where you go through your DVD’s and videos to find your favorite Christmas movies.  At our house, we collected them from next to grandma’s TV upstairs and the dusty shelves in the garage, as we set out to find all of our favorites that just had to be watched this month.  It just wouldn’t be Christmas with out movies such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “White Christmas.”  But our family’s unanimous favorite is “Elf.”  This Christmas season we have already watched it three times!  And we laugh just as much with each viewing.

This movie that we all take delight in watching, gets quoted all year at our house.  If you’re grumpy, someone is sure to say “Does someone need a hug?” or if you’re trying to make the case that you aught to be allowed to eat more candy you might just say “We elves try to stick to the four main food groups:  Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn, and Syrup!”  When it comes to quoting this movie, there is nearly a line for every situation.  So, don’t be a “cotton headed ninimuggins” and test your knowledge on this holiday classic by taking the “Elf Quiz” below!  Snuggle up on the couch with your family and some hot cocoa and let us know your answers in the comment section below.  After Christmas I will share the answers and you can see how well you did!  The first person that answers with all the correct answers, just might receive an Elf like award!

The Elf Christmas Quiz

1. Question:  According to Papa Elf, how many years ago did the first human set foot in Santa’s workshop?

2.  Question:  What did Buddy’s diaper say?

3.  Fill in the Blank:  The best way to spread Christmas cheer________________.

4.  Question:  How many Etch N Sketches did Buddy make?  (Optional: How many more was he supposed to make?)

5.  Multiple Choice:  Buddy is a _________.

A.  Soprano

B.  Alto

C.  Tenor

D.  Bass

6.  Question:  Where does Buddy’s birth father, Walter Hobbs work?

7.  Question:  What street has the “real” Ray’s Pizza according to Santa?

8.   Question:  What four animals wished Buddy farewell?

9.  Question:  What animal did Buddy give a hug to in the forest?

10:  Question:  What does Buddy say about the size of the toilets in the department store?

11.  Question:  What does Buddy have an affinity for?

12:  Question:  What does Buddy eat instead of marshmallows?

13.  Question:  What kind of soda does Buddy drink an entire bottle of?

14.  Question:  How long did  Buddy sleep the first night at his father’s, Walter Hobb’s, house?

15. Question:  When going up the escalator did Buddy do the left or the right splits?

16.  Question:  What day was set for Buddy’s first date with Jovi?

17.  Question:  According to Buddy, what name is fun to say?

18.  What park does Santa’s sleigh break down in?

19.  Question:  What song does the crowd, and then the television audience, start singing to spread Christmas cheer?

20.  Question:  What is the name of Jovi and Buddy’s baby?

Well, good luck and have fun watching our favorite Christmas movie, “Elf!”

Still Laughing, as I Think of the Many Funny Scenes in “Elf,”


PS~Googling the answers doesn’t count.


4 thoughts on “Dont Be a “Cotton Headed Ninimuggins” and Take The Elf Quiz

  1. Megan,
    I had to comment on this fun post! We also love this movie and enjoy it at least once a year, many lines are repeated all year long at our house too! We each took the quiz and then we have it to our whole family on Christmas Day before we watched it. We graded all the quizzes and Scott won, 16 of the 20 answers right!
    Thanks again for the the fun idea!
    Happy new year!
    Love, Scott, Jenny, Megan, Zachary and Eli

  2. 1: Don’t remember this one 😦
    2:Little Buddy Diapers
    3: Is singing loud for all to hear
    4: 85?
    5: d) Bass/baritone
    6: Is singing loud for all to hear
    7: I don’t know
    8: Narwhal, puffin, ?
    9: Raccoon
    10: “They’re ginormous!!!!”
    11: ?
    12: Cotton Balls
    13: Coca-cola?
    14: 8 minutes
    15: Right
    16: Thursday
    17: Francisco
    18: Central Park
    19: Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town
    20: I’m afraid I don’t know 😦

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