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Delightful Christmas Wreaths YOU Can Create

If you remember my Thanksgiving post about Fall wreaths, you might be getting the picture that I love adorning doors with these festive delights.  They call to your visitors before they even knock on your door,” tis the season,”  whatever that season may be, as they pass through the threshold into the awaiting displays of a new season or holiday!  I am big on celebrating special events, really going all out to make people feel exceptionally festive and to create a heritage for my family and friends.  The making of memories that will last a lifetime and encourage my children to live out their heritage as they someday create families if their own.  So below you find 12 wreaths that I thought especially lovely, yet simple enough to make on my own with quite a few things just sitting in the craft armoire upstairs.

♥The Christmas Box Wreath by stampingscene.blogspot.com  is so unique, I had to feature it first.  If I think ahead and collect small boxes throughout the year, then next year I can make it for next to nothing!

♥This Scrapbook Paper Curl Wreath would be a keepsake for sure, with the sweet    faces of your family adorning it.  All of the directions can be found at www.bhg.com.  This is one I would hang inside or perhaps even make as a gift for one of the grandparents.  And after Christmas, the scrap booking paper will be greatly marked down.

Curl Paper to Make a Christmas Wreath

♥After a nature walk to collect twigs, what fun it would be to create this Christmas Berry Window Wreath.  Grab the glue gun and away we go…  This could even be left up all Winter or hand on a wall inside.

Christmas berry window wreath

♥Take Dad’s old ties and turn them into a colorful Necktie Wreath…very unique from www.goodhousekeeping.com

mens tie wreath

♥Use a natural grapevine wreath form as your base and then add small pinecones, twigs, leaves and such.  Then grab white spray paint and you have an Artic Circle Wreath.  Kids love collecting things and what a neat way to display them.  Another finding from www.goodhousekeeping.com

white twig wreath

♥This shimmery creation using Christmas balls is definitely an eye catcher.  They even make non-breakable Christmas balls that would work well for this Shimmery Christmas Ball Wreath I found at www.goodhousekeeping.com also.

ornament wreath

♥This wreath is made with only a wire frame and ribbon!  How simple, but lovely.  It looks like a candy cane wreath!  Thank you www.countrybaskets.co.uk for this whimsical display!

christmas wreath; floral supplies; ribbon wreath; shabby chic christmas decorations

♥What a cutie this Snowman Wreath is.  Definitely one the kids would enjoy helping to make.  This was posted on Pinterest and I could not find the original source, but with 3 different sizes of plain grapevine wreaths, some white paint and a few adornments we could have a snowman out front all winter!

Mingle Monday {7 Christmas Wreaths Tutorials}  from addapinch.com

♥This is for all of you that love Christmas Cookies.  I mean who doesn’t, really?  Love the Cookie Cutter Wreath!  Cookie cutters, ribbon, hot glue and you’re good to go!

Handmade Christmas Wreaths

♥While we are talking food, wouldn’t this Cinnamon Stick Wreath

 smell divine?

♥And a Marshmallow Wreath…I think Buddy the Elf would truly appreciate this one.  How would I keep people from popping marshmallows off and into their mouths?  I never imagined marshmallows could look so elegant.

♥I am sure my kids would have a blast making a Popcorn Wreath, but I am not sure how long it would take to get enough popcorn for the wreath with all of the nibbles!  Even Food Network gets into the spirit with wreaths…and food of course. Thank you for the last 3 wreath/food treats!

♥We made Gumdrop Wreaths last year at our church Christmas party and kids yound and older all enjoyed this craft.  They smell delish too! Though this picture belongs to www.huckleberryprairie.com and not me.

gumdrop wreath.

Well, I hope you are inspired to grab a few supplies and begin creating.  Whether it is for your own front door or a gift for some lucky recipient, crafting in the midst of what can easily become an overly busy season, helps to create a calming environment.  Working with your hands to create something beautiful is very fulfilling.  I encourage you to take some time for yourself or create a memory with your children.

~Happy Crafting~


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3 thoughts on “Delightful Christmas Wreaths YOU Can Create

  1. So many beautiful ideas! I’m so inspired, Kerry! We’re hoping to decorate this Saturday (after a deep-clean on Thursday and Friday – sigh, must be done). I’ll have a hard time narrowing down the possibilities!

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