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Friends, Delicious Leftovers and Ice Skating!

Well, it stands to say that our Thanksgiving turned out spectacular and our elongated table fit everyone!  The food everyone brought to the feast tasted deliciously spectacular and there are a couple recipes that I do believe we shall be adding to our traditional Thanksgiving menu next year.  As we feasted around the table, having to pass the salt and pepper over 20 feet and through the hands of about ten people just to get it to someone, we all engaged in delightful conversations.  The girls were talking etiquette, since we had been reading Lydia’s etiquette book from 1899 before dinner was served.

With mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans, gravy and turkey and many other dishes filling our bellies, a group of us took around the property in the crisp cool air of the night, before we headed back inside to play some games.  After playing card games while eating pie, we(the teens) decided to head back out into the night and to climb 9 feet up in the air to get in to the tree house.  After swinging on our swings, we journeyed out to Fairy Forest (a circle of juniper trees that creates a room that makes for the perfect dwelling for fairies) where we played flashlight tag before the parents started beckoning their children to come back so they could venture home.

Some of our good friends, Cassie and Grace, happily did not have to go home and got to spend the night.  Since they have been waiting for the meal to be over so they could listen to Christmas music (I have been singing Christmas songs since September for choir and listening to them for a coupe of weeks already), all evening we rocked out to some great Christmas music while hanging out.

Continuing on with the Christmas music all day, we started this morning with the  lovely breakfast mom made for us.  Then it was off to get dressed!  Now this means all four girls trying to get mirror space while we each brush our teeth and help each other with our makeup and hair.  As the years have passed, this ritual (as you might call it) has progressed from brushing teeth to the addition of hair and then makeup as we got older.

Once we were dressed, we then proceeded to raid the kitchen of leftovers that we warmed and then put in containers to take with us.  You see, Cassie has her driver’s license and is finally able to drive friends.  All four of us have been waiting for November to come so we could drive someplace all by ourselves.  Finally, the day came, and with leftover turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes,  cranberry sauce and two thermoses of hot chocolate (Two, in case we met friends at the rink, made with whole milk and Hershey’s chocolate sauce.  Which is a very important detail mind you!) and thus it was off to the ice skating rink.

At the rink we skated around in between snacking on our Thanksgiving leftovers, drinking hot chocolate and pulling Katie behind us as we skated (you see Katie is a ballerina, not a skater).  With only a couple of falls on the ice (to our brothers and friends’ delight when they asked us when we got home) we did pretty well.  Making our first trip to town with just the four of us (Cassie, Katie Gracie and Megan) a delightful ending to our Thanksgiving together!

With Memories to Last Until Next Year,



2 thoughts on “Friends, Delicious Leftovers and Ice Skating!

  1. Love the pics!! I can’t believe you guys are riding around together without an adult!! I gave Cassie a lecture before she left (you know, about getting distracted and such 🙂 Glad you all survived!! Sounds like fun! Thanks for a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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