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Simple Thanksgiving Tablescapes for a Touch of Pizazz

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Yes, Thanksgiving is just a few days away.  As a busy home schooling mama who loves to decorate for the seasons, yet lacks a lot of time to do so, I finally decided to give my table decor some thought.  So, of course I hopped on Pinterest this morning to look for ideas that were simple, containing items I had on hand, could pick up at the market or grab at the dollar store.  Of course, the elegant centerpieces grabbed my eye, but with only 3 days until Thanksgiving I need something that I can easily pull off.

In all actuality, the friends and family that will be gathered at our home will be just as blessed by the simple, knowing the schedule I keep.  I hope you are inspired to pick up a few items and add a little something special to your Thanksgiving table too!


These candles can also be put into Mason jars and still have the same effect.


How cute would little pumpkins be for name cards?


A nature walk would be the perfect time to collect the colorful fallen leaves to be strewn down the center of the table with candles interspersed.


This Thankful Tree by simplyvintagegirl.com would be a great activity for guests as they await the big meal.

Getting the kids involved is always fun.  I love the height of this tablescape by  parents.com.  I think using a variety of seeds and beans to fill the glasses would add a dash more color.  At this point, I would skip painting the twigs, unless my boys needed an outlet for their creative (or would that be messy) side.

I think I would try to find some stickers for my lettering.  How easy would that make this project?  It would also look great on a mantle or window ledge.


I love the textures and colors this scene creates.  Dollar store candles would make this a very cost effective project.


This would be a great way to use my tiered serving dish as shown by shelterness.com.  I think that sprinkling in a few unshelled nuts would be pretty.  Just a stop at the grocery store for this project.


Have you ever used your apple corer to make a hole in the center of fruit and vegetables to make a candle holder?  It is super easy and very satisfying.  This display by hometrenddesign.com uses fresh produce, tapered candles and small flowers.  Lovely!


These name cards from holiday-crafts-and-creations.com look yummy.  With a fall mixture of M & M’s, small vases, miniature Indian corn and raffia everyone at your table would have a festive treat!

Gather a variety of vases from the cupboard, pick up some nuts in the shell and add a simple candle.  These are very elegant looking.  Don’t forget the greenery!


This centerpiece could be made for next to nothing.  All of my kids have enjoyed collecting Pine cones.  

I hope I have inspired you to take just a little bit of time to add a bit of pizazz  to your Thanksgiving table.  It really doesn’t take much to add some dazzle!

~Happily Planning my Thanksgiving Centerpiece~


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2 thoughts on “Simple Thanksgiving Tablescapes for a Touch of Pizazz

  1. This is great! I am so NOT creative, but even I am inspired to make a centerpiece now! Thanks for doing all the work for me 🙂

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