Put On Your Mucking Boots

Dancing into the night…. up butchering chickens in the morning!

Yep, this is turning out to be a great weekend!  It all started last night when my friends and I got together to celebrate a birthday with historical dancing.  You know “The Virginia Reel”, “Post Jig” and even “Whip The Willow” where the girls skirts go twirling and the boys boots go tapping!

“The Scottish Polka” or “Jump in Jump Out” as we call it!

All of us teens had a delightful time as the gentlemen asked the young ladies to dance all evening in between snacking on caramel corn and cooling off outside under the stars and in the refreshing drizzle of the rain!  As we danced the “Woo” dance and “The Scottish Polka”, one of the boys decided to put a bit of a twist on the usual music and put on country songs for us to dance to.  So as we sashayed, stepped and turned we listened to an assortment of historical songs before the boys slipped in some country tunes.

The “Woo” dance!

When nine o’clock was upon us, we happily ended our last dance called “Chasing The Fox” to go home to bed so that the “chicken crew” could be up and chasing chickens to butcher in the morning!  Although we were short a couple members of our chicken crew due to sickness, we still managed to make one of our best times yet with our 25 meat birds getting processed in a little over an hour.  Our efficiency went down a tad when we had to cull out some three year old laying hens from our flock to become stewing birds (you see at about three years of age the productivity of laying hens decreases so much that they are unable to produce enough eggs to earn their keep).  All in all, our total time was three hours to process 40 chickens!

Part of the reason we made such good time was that we were blessed to be able to use a friend’s chicken picker.  Previously we have done all the picking (or plucking) of our chickens by hand.  Which if you have ever tried, it takes a long time!  So with a job well we headed inside for our usual butchering day lunch of moms homemade nachos!

Matthew, Kyle and our friends Nick and Ben!

During butchering we even had some friends come over to experience it for the first time.  The two boys seemed to have a great time as they joined right in chasing roosters on the run and helping with the an assortment of other jobs as well.

To: Megan
A Thank you card I received!

Tonight we will be going to bed with our freezers full (and I mean we can’t fit another chicken in them full) of pasture raised chickens and grass fed beef that we traded a local farmer chickens for yesterday!  The family is all tired, but it is that nice tired you get after working hard and getting a job done well!  And I think we did a pretty good job, as we provided our family with local beef and chicken to last us quite awhile to come!

Tired But Happy,



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