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“Brothers!” ~ “Sisters!”

One of the best parts of being home schooled is being with your siblings!  Alright, let me take that back.  One of the best part of being home schooled, is being with your siblings most of the time.  So, yes we do have those days where our different studies get in each other’s way.  Say one person is practicing the piano, while the other is doing math.  Not a good combo.  Which means one of us better find another subject to work on.

You see, yesterday was on of those piano and math at the same time days.  No matter what, studying together at our large dinner table (or rather all purpose table, because dinner is one of it’s minor tasks) just wasn’t going well, as it seemed one of us was tapping our pencils or humming to the others annoyance ALL DAY!  But somehow, we got through the day, despite it being one of those days where math, even though I had been doing well on a concept just days before, decided to be disagreeable and thwart me much longer then the normal 30 minutes it usually does each day!

But today was just one of those days, that despite our everyday mishaps and annoyances, everything seemed to end joyfully as we encouraged, teased and kept each other persevering at our lessons.  Sure, we had our bumps along the way, but as Matthew, Kyle and I read Dr.Seuss on the couch while helping Kyle sound out words like “him”, “his” and “pool” the large vision of what homeschooling means to our family came into focus.  

As I reflect back I on our day, I can’t help but remember how we drank hot chocolate and tea together while I did algebra, Matthew worked on multiplication and Kyle attempted to make popcorn by himself in the kitchen (but the popcorn’s another story…).  Or how all three of us got dinner on the table, while Kyle relentlessly teased his big sis, prompting me (as not to be out done) to tease him back.  How I exasperatedly exclaimed, “Brothers!” as they fled the kitchen to go get dad for dinner out in the wood working shop before they finished unloading the dishwasher and as they were not quite out of earshot as I had thought, Matthew quipped back “Sisters!”

So, in the end, despite those days that don’t go as planned and having a quiet place to study seems like a far away dream, I will have to say that when those rare days come and I’m home alone to study in peace, I miss the sound of Matthews noise and Kyle’s teasing (alright, for the most part).  It is days like today where we are a team, working and problem solving together that make me want to go on homeschooling with my siblings for a long time to come…

Wondering What our Next Adventure Will be (as there is never a dull moment at our house),



3 thoughts on ““Brothers!” ~ “Sisters!”

  1. Don’t know what your next immediate venture will be, Megan, but a future HUGE adventure you will have to look forward to is home schooling your precious ones yourself someday – and you will most assuredly do an excellent job because of all the attitudes and character you’ve already cultivated. Enjoyed this peak into your household.

    Xo’s, Mrs. Klein

    P.S. Cassie made your blueberry muffins this weekend – luscious! Thank you!

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