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October Movies!

One of the truly great things about Autumn is snuggling up on the couch with a blanket, cup of tea (or hey chocolate or ice cream also work if you prefer) and a good book or movie to take you someplace else for a bit of time!  And that is just what I did with my friends this weekend!

During the two nights I got to stay at my dear friends’ house, we of course had to watch a movie each night and it turns out we picked two of my favorite “October Movies.”  One had been a favorite and we just had to watch it again the first night (we have been saying we would watch it again for months) and the second one is a new favorite of mine!

The first night as we gathered in the living room with pizza, Dr.Pepper and Milk.  Yes, I had milk, sorry for being the party pooper!  Anyway, as we had one of our “indoor picnics” that we have been having on Friday nights at my friends’ house since basically… forever!  The movie we were watching was “The Hunt For Red October” which is set during the time period of the Cold War.  In the movie, one of the top Russian submarine captains is trying to defunct to the U.S.  The only problem is that he is in command of the world’s greatest and most revolutionary submarine, yet invented, that is owned by the Russians.  I highly encourage you to check out this excellently scripted and filmed movie, full of suspense and action!  

FUN FACT:  If you are ever in Portland, Oregon you should drop by O.M.S.I. (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and check out their submarine, as a scene from “The Hunt for Red October” was filmed on it!

The movie we watched the second night, while enjoying popcorn and Reeses Ice Cream (highly recommended by the way) was “October Baby.”  This is a wonderful new film that recently came out with a pro-life message.  This movie happily surprised me and was very professionally done.  The script, acting and filming were top notch, as the difficult topic of abortion was wonderfully handled, in a sensitive manner to the mothers and children that are victims of abortion.  Even while tackling these issues, they managed to add a bit of romance and humor that kept the film moving in a manner that wasn’t depressing.  Masterfully concluding with a message of hope and forgiveness.  

So, if you are also getting the “snuggle up on the couch bug” on a crisp fall day, be sure to do so while checking out one of these movies!  “October Baby” is easily rented for $1 at a Redbox and did I mention it is loosely based on a true story? “The Hunt for Red October” is on Netflix and would make a good movie for the family though is probably better for older audiences!

Enjoying October Movies,



3 thoughts on “October Movies!

  1. I thought I was reading something written by Kerry until I saw that it was Megan at the end. Beautifully written!

    -Jodi Klein

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