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Autumn Wreath Ideas~Kerry

As our blog has been up and running for a year now, it has been exciting to look back at where we have been as “Old Fashioned Girls.”  We love crafting and I thought I would share these ideas that I collected last year, as I search for new ones to share.  I absolutely love wreaths…on the front door, on a wall inside the house, on doors inside the house…and if a wreath doesn’t work, then a swag above a doorway, over a picture or above a bed is equally delightful.  My outdoor fall wreath is in sorry shape I noticed as I unpacked my fall decorations.  It’s time to make a new one and I am inspired by the artistic designs abounding…so very many to choose from.

I was looking for Autumn wreath ideas and discovered a plethora of ideas out there in blogland and on Pinterest.  I thought I would share a few of my favorites.   This one looks simple, yet unique with the rectangular shape.   This idea came from thriftydecorchick.    She used foam board, but I think I will try to find a rectangle picture frame at “The Dollar Tree” for my base.  I bet they have fall leaves there as well.  I love thrifty DIY!

Then as I was visiting www.bhg.com looking for natural wreaths, I came across this lovely miniature corn wreath.  I love anything miniature and these dried ears of corn have lasted me decades in my “Fall Decor Box” that I pull out annually.

Amazing Fall Wreaths

Now the next two wreaths I saw over at www.shelterness.com.  This first one would be super quick if time is of the essence, but the chalkboard in the middle makes it a little bit different.  You could personalize a greeting to guests throughout the season.

If you had a bit more time to get your craft on, this elegant fall wreath would be a treasured keepsake.  By collecting fall decor after the season when it is on sale, you could collect a variety decorations for very little.  With a little patience, a wreath like this might just grace my front door next year.  Hmmm…simple and fast this year…artistically exquisite wreath next year.  I love the finishing touch of the monogram.

I keep thinking I have found the last inspiration, but alas…here is one more idea.

Fall Wreath Ideas

I love the simplicity coupled with the use of moss.  With 4 items (wreath form, dried moss, pumpkins and a ribbon) this wreath looks very doable, yet appears naturally graceful.  Well, I think I am off to the Dollar Tree in search of supplies.

Feeling Crafty on a Fall Afternoon,


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