"Trust In The Lord"

Finding Joy in the Unexpected

Ann Voskamp is a blogger, author and speaker that truly inspires me.  On her blog  she has been doing a series called “31 Days to Crazy Joy.”  I woke up this morning thinking to myself, “no matter what life throws at me, I have the choice to be joyful because ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength.”  Even the song with those words played over and over in my head.  Well, those last 3 sentences were written over 4 hours ago, at about 9:30 in the morning.  

Then life began throwing obstacles at me.  A boy overwhelmed with learning his times tables.  Another boy with a sore eye and blurry vision, after 2 weeks I am wondering if he needs to see the doctor.  A girl feeling “not so great” because we were out of iv’s for her to run last night.  My other girl, down and out for the 10th straight week.  Then the overwhelmed boy becomes completely frustrated by the task at hand, cleaning his bedroom.  Mom must step in…once, twice and then mom feels her patience slipping away.  

A text message beeps reminding that my sweet friend is coming for piano lessons in an hour.  Then the realization that I am quadruple booked this afternoon, literally needing to be 4 places at once.  How to get one girl to the doctors, one girl to choir, pick up iv’s in town and be home for a meeting with our Sparrow advisor?  Oh, did I mention we are also out of chicken feed? Will my boys just be drug around as I attend to these needs?   When more has arisen in an hour than I imagined possible, my mom calls to tell me that my sister is in the emergency room on the other side of the country.

” Lord, what has happened to a spirit that awoke pondering joy…the joy of the Lord?”  I take a deep breath.  I close my eyes. I focus on the thoughts He whispered to me upon rising.  I thought these words were meant to be shared with others.  But these words were also meant specifically for me today.  When life around is in chaos, I feel my patience slipping away and all of my children need more from me than I imagine I have.   That is when  I am reminded that I will not succeed today on my own strength.  I will succeed today because of the One who gave it all…  I will rest in the shelter of His wings.  And yes, in the craziness of unexpected life, I can find joy in Him.  I choose to find joy in Him! 

Finding Joy in Chaos Today and Always,



3 thoughts on “Finding Joy in the Unexpected

  1. Thank you Kerry for this post! I am sorry that life is overwhelming for you right now….but I think you are running the race well. You are relying on God’s strength and not letting satan get a foot hold like he lies to do when we are feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Wow, Kerry! Wow. An amazing day.

    “Dear Father, Continue to hold dear Kerry in Your loving hands, as she continues to experience peace that can only be reality through YOU.”

    Love, Diana

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