Odds and Ends

A Fresh Fall Morning

It is so exciting to grow things:to take a seed, start it in the green house, move it to the bed of deep black soil we have worked on enriching with compost from the hen house and then watch the growth throughout the summer.  Garden to table eating is incredibly fulfilling.  We have been able to enjoy many a meal that we completely raised here on our small Hinton Family Farm:slow roasted heritage chicken, deliciously creamy red potatoes, sauteed green beans with fresh dill and a medley of colorful carrots…

Yet it is equally exciting to see others enchanted by our offerings.  Sometimes it is our dinner guests.  Other times it is the chance neighbor driving by that stops to tell us how much they enjoy our eggs and that they take turns eating the highly prized blue egg we always make sure to include.  

These past 2 weeks it is the delight we see on the faces of children that stop to choose a pumpkin out of the wheelbarrow.    The wheelbarrow is empty this misty Monday morning and through the drizzle we will load it up once more.  

Then it is off to the visit our chicken ladies to replenish the cooler with our beautiful eggs of deep chocolate brown, an array of tan that even also offer up a few pinkish in tone, to the prized blue and green eggs from our rascally Americana layers. 

Contentedly Happy on this Fresh Fall Morning,



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