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An Old Fashioned Girl Quote

As you probably have already figured out by the name of this blog (Old Fashioned Girls) I (Megan) am a huge Louisa May Alcott fan!  In fact, she might just be my favorite author, though being a bookworm it can be hard to tell at times!  Anyway, a day or two ago I decided to read the book “An Old Fashioned Girl” by L.M.A again since it had been awhile on my shelf without company!

Yet again, I was delighted with this book and found so many quotes I have decided I will start sharing them with you!  I mean, can it get any better?  “Old Fashioned Girl” quotes on our Old Fashioned Girls blog?   Ah, maybe you will even be so inspired as to pick up this fabulous book and make it one of your good friends as well!  


The thought that, insignificant as she was, she yet might do some good, made her very careful of her acts and words, and so anxious to keep heart contented and face happy, that she forgot her clothes, and made others do the same.  She did not know it, but that good old fashion of simplicity made the plain gowns pretty, and the grace of unconsciousness beautified their little wearer with the charm that makes girlhood sweetest to those who truly love and reverence it.

~An Old-Fashioned Girl By L.M.A.~


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